Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guess He'll Go Eat Worms

Pissy Poco is sulking, big time.

I went out a little while ago and called them to come and get some watermelon rinds. Jaz, the chow hound came a-trotting, with Pokey bringing up the rear. Remembering Mugwump's logic about hand feeding and my resolve to not do anything Poco might construe as weak or submissive, I decided to put it in their rubber bowls. I have also been feeding Jaz first just because Poco expects he will always be first in line for everything.

I put half the rinds in Jaz's bowl and before I was even out of the way, Poco was pushing him to take his food. No sir! I stood in front of him, poked him in the chest with my finger and made him back up. He took a step back, but then came right back and tried it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. He did it again and I kicked him in the chest this time. So he wheels that fat ass around and gives us the cold, butt. Now, in the midst of all this posturing, I still have half the rinds that are supposed to be his, and his bowl is maybe six feet away. I show him my bowl and try to get him to walk over to his own bowl. Nope, not gonna. Rather pout. He wanted Jaz's. I even walked over and put the rinds in his bowl, walked it over and showed him his bowl and the pigheaded brat still wouldn't budge! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! I stood by Jaz and wouldn't let Poco take his food.

I tried one more time to get Poco to come and eat from his own bowl, but he wanted no part of it. Jaz came over and began eating the other half of the rinds out of Poco's bowl, while Poco lapped up the slobber from the bottom of Jaz's bowl. Finally, he came walking over, but I wouldn't let him run Jaz off. When there were only 2 small pieces left, I made Jaz move and let Poco have them.

Earlier, when I opened the grain locker, Poco actually stood a respectful arm's length away. When he took a step closer, all I had to do was point at his chest and he backed up.

We've been to this place before and it's my fault for being too soft with Mr. Studly Muffin. This is an example of how it will go for a time. He'll sulk and pout and we'll have these little showdowns until he gets back with the program. I'll have to be the cafeteria lady for awhile, maybe even carry a crop when I feed them. Done it before. It's okay -- I know I'm on the right track when he reacts like this. My challenge is to not get complacent and keep him on the straight and narrow.


CindyDianne said...

1. I think we live close to each other.

2. I have an App

3. I came here from Pony Girl's Blog

4. Howdy!

5. Check out my blog!

6. I like yours.

7. Did you go to the NCHA Cuttin' that just wrapped up last weekend?

restoration42 said...

Ah those think-they-are-really-studs geldings. Ignoring one little hoof going invading my space one minute just invites a head butt the next. Guess we can thank these fellas for keeping us on our toes, lol.

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you are doing some good work with your irresistible yet pushy little Appy. I think it's hard, like you said, not to give in to their sweet tender moments. But a horse is a horse and a dominant one will always try to be the leader. If you can be his confident leader, he'll respect you. I think some horses are just more challenging and always are, due to their personality.
By the way, I never knew horses's liked watermelon rinds! Cool! ;)

Leah Fry said...

The last time I was at Paul Taylor's (Aubrey, TX), I was lamenting the Studly Muffin's challenges. This lady said in one of the deepest drawls I ever heard, "There's NUTHIN' worse than a proud cut gelding." Amen to that! It IS a challenge. But, as I have said before, if he weren't such a piece of work, I would not know as much as I do. I have had to work hard to stay one step ahead of him. Some times he catches up LOL!

My horses also LOVE grapes, especially frozen grapes. Lemons and limes soaked in adult beverages also!

CindyDianne said...

Leah - I am in the metroplex. Closer to Fort Worth than Dallas.

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