Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Man

First, I just had to show you what a good job the Boyz did on the dog yard Saturday, four piles of poop later. It was a good day to be them. See the previous post for the 'Before' pix.

They even edged around the patio slab.


I hardly ever write about my little Jazu. He's such a sweet, good boy, his exploits are mostly overshadowed by our resident Drama Queen. Jaz has a delightful personality, and Mr. Fry and I both love him dearly.

Jaz belonged to Nita, and came here on a free lease in perpetuity in January of 2007. It was a win-win-win situation. Jaz was out of shape, recovering from a serious hoof injury, and needing to be lightly ridden. With close to thirty head at the beginning of foaling season, they didn't have the time to work everybody. I was greener than summer grass and needed a babysitter because Poco was way too much horse for me.

Heather's exact words to me were, "Jaz is so sweet, he'll rot your teeth. You'll be begging me to sell him to you." I had my doubts. At first, his personality can be difficult to read, and he was such a bony, scrawny, banged up little guy, a nondescript, skinny grey horse. I don't know why the word "little" gets tossed about so much when describing him, since he's probably 15-15.2. He's much taller and has longer legs, but has a smaller frame than Poco.

Jaz had always been a hard keeper, but he hit the ground happy here. He and Poco instantly became inseparable, which has not always been a good thing. Jaz is way down there in herd pecking order. He likes foals and yearlings because he can boss them around — great babysitter. Poco pushes, and Jaz complies. But Jaz also knows what he can get away with and gets sneaky shots in at Poco. Regardless, his being a hard keeper was because he had been in competition with an entire herd for food. Here, he's just got Porco, and I protect him so Lard Ass doesn't take his food. Nita and Heather marvel at how fat and sassy he is. It is with great affection we say he's "almost a pretty horse." And he has those beautiful, deep, kind Arabian eyes — a very sweet face.

Jaz is a clown, the court jester. If I were to rename him, he would be called Puck. He initiates most of the horseplay, and can really bust a move on the shorter-legged, squatty Pokey. He moves effortlessly and doesn't tire easily. That said, he has the most God-awful teeth-jarring trot. Part of it is me not paying enough attention to my seat to encourage proper movement. But Heather and Nita say the same thing about him, so there is at least some truth in it.

Jaz likes to be in your business. If you're working with tools, better not take your eyes off them, or they'll be gone. If he can get into something, he will, but he's very nonchalant about it. Poco is overt, and will look at you as if to say, "Yeah, so?" Jaz looks at you like, "What? I don't know what you're talking about."

Jaz is such a BOY. He likes being around you, but he doesn't like to be mauled. Poco will sometimes stand untied and let me primp on him, hug him, kiss him, but not Jaz. If he's not tied, he's outta there. All you need to do is touch his pasterns and he'll lift and hold his feet up for you.
Try to brush his tail and he'll tuck that thing so tight between his legs you think you'll have to pry it out. He hates getting wet, especially his feet. When it's sheath cleaning time, he lifts and curls a back foot — we call it Jaz's "prissy foot." The second you're done with grooming and he's untied, he'll take 2-3 steps, drop and roll.

He's always banged up. He's one of those that gets hurt on sharp air. I haven't been able to saddle him for weeks because of a 12-inch scrape right where the saddle sits. And when I looked at him yesterday, he has another scrape on his right shoulder. It's always something with that one. One day, I went out and about had a heart attack. He was dripping blood down both front legs ... or so I thought until I got closer and it was purple — prickly pear juice.

Jaz is awesome when kids come to ride; he really seems to enjoy children. Actually, he just enjoys people in general. He is the most patient and gentle of teachers, but when you're ready, he'll let you know by living up to his nickname — Shithead. He won't give you a lick of problem until you start exuding confidence. I found this out the hard way after he ran me into a tree. He likes his riders a bit timid because he thinks he's calling the shots.

I didn't have to beg Nita to sell me Jaz. For the longest time, he wouldn't come to her or Heather when they came to visit. Anyone could see he knew where he wanted to be.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for him, and neither would Poco. Jaz is an amazing horse, and
I'm very, very lucky to have him.


cdncowgirl said...

Gotta love a horse with personality!

Oh and was that intentional or a Freudian slip, where you called Poco "Porco"?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

A nice tribute. I like the way you summed it up at the end.

Paint Girl said...

That is so sweet! He seems like the perfect match!
They did a great job on your lawn!

Leah Fry said...

Not a Freudian slip, rather an intentional, good-natured barb. When he's being a piggie or a bully, we call him Porco.

Anonymous said...

Gee, your mowing job looks great. Saves wear and tear on Mr Fry's bod. Some day I hope to ride the boy "Jaz". Your Fl. Fan.

jane augenstein said...

Great post, love the terms "lard ass" and "shithead" my Gilly gets called that sometimes too! LOL
Then there's Pokey who really is an "ass" is going to school in the round pen when the weather is better because he is a "bad ass" and needs some manners!

ezra_pandora said...

I liked the Porco part too, lol!! My mare gets hurt all the time too.

That was a very nice post about that good guy. And that last picture definitely shows the difference between the two, look at those long legs!! You weren't kidding. lol

Anonymous said...

What a big different a whole lot of TLC and love make for those hard keepers. He looks great, even if he is a tad on the chunk-o side.

C-ingspots said...

Great post Leah!! I enjoyed learning more about your boys' personalities. It sounds like they're great pals and enjoy each other's company. Great pics of them running too!!
I think all us horseowners have those little common nicknames for our great hairy beasts. And they are usually quite fitting. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of your horses running. Looks like they're having a great time. Funny how unique each horse's personality can be and the different things they teach us.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, sounds like Jaz is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses.
He has been your teacher, hasn't he?

My oh my! What a great job you've done with him, too. He looks worlds better now than when he first came to live with you.

He sure is one handsome boy now.


ps, they sure did a close trim opn your lawn, too. hehe

Anonymous said...

What a lovely horse! I kept reading and expecting to stumble upon the amazing things about this horse, and realized that what is so amazing about him is not that he is either timid, or a buckhead, but that the pair of you are a perfect match. I'm so glad for you!

Anonymous said...

i call my arabian gazi "little man" too .. amazing their personalities.. family methinks

happy trails
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