Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look, Up in the Sky!

what's that blindingly
bright light?

Oh, wait, it's coming back to me now.

After almost 3 solid weeks of rain,
the sun is shining.
It's a crisp, cool day with an
expected high of about 70˚.

I was able to work on my horses
without crippling myself,
thanks to my back brace and Aleve.

Good thing.
I haven't picked their feet
since before all the rain.
This is the first time I've felt
physically able to do it.
They didn't look as bad as I thought.

I spent several hours grooming them.
Jaz got a fresh buzz and Pokey
got his bridle path freshened.
They are on daily wormer
but today they got their
semi-annual dose of Ivermectin.

I didn't ride today,
oh no no,
but I am off for the next 5 days
— pop the bubbly —
so there is hope on that front.

Cindi chilled while I worked on the Boyz.

So did that stinkin' rotten little dog,
as Mr. Fry calls Martha.

The Boyz were kind enough
not to drop and roll immediately.

I'm amazed at how fast and early
the Boyz fuzzed up this year.

Terrible pic of Pokey.
He looks fat,
but both horses
are at a perfect weight.

We didn't have our typical
Indian Summer either.
Temps have been quite fall-like,
which has allowed the winter rye grass
to come back already.

I live in the Red River Valley.
This is typical of the rocks.
Much of the soil is
also this color.

Are we keeping you awake, Marthie?


Anonymous said...

Nice you were able to do some things - and maybe you'll get a chance to do more this week.

jane augenstein said...

Great pictures! Love the doggie yawn; we had some nice days a few days ago but now the rain is moving in. Dreary days, gloomy.....makes me want to stay inside and your dogs! LOL

Desert Rose said...

Ya...Little lady is starting to fuzz up quite a bit too. And I need to do some grooming on her before we haed back down to the desert in a few weeks. her DAD will have a fit if he see's her now!
Glad you are getting around now!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Awesome!!! You got alot accomplished today!! Wanna come do mine now?!?! Please?!?! LOL!!! :)

Paint Girl said...

Glad your sun made a comeback, I was hoping to see that yellow ball in the sky soon, but nope, only rain and wind here.
Looks like the horses enjoyed the attention, and the dogs, just too cute!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

haha! Your photos of the dogs made me smile huge! hehe! And in that photo of Poco, you can easily see his draft-like frame. Wow! What a big boy ion a small body.
Rain? Can we have some, please?

Sure hope you feel better soon. :)


Leah Fry said...

We've probably had 6-8 inches of rain in the last 3 weeks, and got at least 3 more in one dump last night. I'm grateful our property is well-draining sandy loam. There's a 70% chance of more rain today, but I don't care: I'm off from work for 3 more days. As long as I don't have to slog around in it, I'm good with it. We did a light over seeding of winter rye. but it may have gotten washed away. That's the only down side.

Yep Lisa, that's a lot of horse packed on a 14.2 frame. To get a better idea, I asked the farrier what size shoes he would need, in case I ever wanted to get EZ boots. Jaz takes a 0, but Poco takes a 2. They're almost the size of salad plates.

I hope all you Martha fans can see how much she's filled out since I brought her home. Remember how frail and scrawny she was? She's built more like a JRT now and is now a sturdy little dog. Shr probably weighs 10 lbs. now.

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds like you accomplished a lot. Hope you're enjoying your time off and getting a lot of riding in. Sounds beautiful there.

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