Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Autumn Becomes Us

Got up Sunday morning severely lacking in motivation. I knew for sure I was in no mood to mess with Poco after the ride from hell two weeks ago. Then the text messages started arriving from the Pony Pals. I was successfully booted in the pants, however, I could not be prodded to hook up the trailer and haul a horse. I grabbed my tack and headed to Iron Ridge.

My ride on the ever-dependable Doodles (Heather's dad's horse) was as vanilla and undramatic as I could have hoped for. I took pix of some of the new horses, but I'll save those for another day. 

I was home by about 1 p.m. and decided to feed early to take advantage of the sunshine. I'm the cafeteria lady for the foreseeable future, and during the week, it's dark by the time I get home, so feeding in the warm sun is a treat.

I can't give Daltrey all his food at once because he flings it, and the big Boyz will take it, in any case. It takes him at least 45 minutes and often longer to eat his two scoops of feed.



I will make you give me the contents of
that bucket by the power of my superior will.

The closer I get to you, the more distracted you'll be.
You won't notice that I'm also close enough
to bite that baby and take his chow.

To the patient go the spoils.


Not a foal or even a weanling anymore.
Daltrey is a young horse.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

nice that you go ta ride.Daltrey is looking good , warts and all!

the7msn said...

One must always be properly hydrated when one goes out to feed. That Bud Light with Lime stuff is pretty good, isn't it?

AareneX said...

What is this "sunshine" of which you speak, southling?

Crystal said...

hes sure looking good! Glad you got a good ride too!

Hopeful said...

so, who got the "bl"? ha ha. ah, feeding in the sun - yes! a treat. happy you got a stress free ride in.

Paint Girl said...

Daltrey is such a good looking grown up!! They grow so fast! While I was in Oklahoma, I knew my filly was going to grow, but did she ever sprout up and her head and butt got bigger!!

Jeni said...

Who are you kidding... Daltrey is still a baby!!!!!

What's up with the warts?

Leah Fry said...

Yes, he's still a baby, and he'll prolly always be my baby :-)

morningbrayfarm said...

Daltrey is gorgeous!

Esther Garvi said...

Daltrey is beautiful and so healthy looking! They grow so fast, don't they? I'm glad I finally got a moment to catch up a little. Sending you a big hug from Africa, Leah!

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