Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enough, Already

I have this thing every year about wanting at least one guilt-free stay-home day that I can blame on the weather. Today was my 4th day home out of the last 8 work days, and it's to the point where it's enough, already.

This is our second round of uncharacteristically inclement winter weather, with frigid temperatures, biting winds, and layers of ice and snow. We knew it was coming, so I've been working like a demon to get everything done I needed to that I would be unable to accomplish at home, and brought home whatever I could. 

The cold and cranky Cafeteria Lady — who is on duty in rain, snow, sleet, or hail for 45 minutes to an hour every evening — is fixin' to bitch-slap Ole Man Winter.

"How bad was/is it," you may ask. Bad enough that Jaz and Daltrey actually took shelter in the run-in shed. NEV-ER happens. This is the first time in almost five years I've ever seen them choose to be in there when food isn't involved.

  Speaking of food, Mom ...

Don't you love how his belly
sticks out of the blanket?
 Popsicle toes hooves

Waiting for Baby to finish ...
... or at least until Mom says it's okay to share.
Unlike Piggy Poco, Jaz usually doesn't run him off.
 Meanwhile inside, Leeloo and Minnie
find a sunny spot.
The Ratweasels (Martha and Cindi), 
who barely tolerate each other,
create a puppy pile for warmth.

Should be in the 60sF this weekend,
but it's bound to be muddy.
I'd like to get up to Iron Ridge to see Pokey.
This weather has delayed his training
by at least a week, probably more.

Wonder if he's still mad at me?


Anonymous said...

Looks like baby boy's going to need a new blanket soon!

Jeni said...

I'm stilling giggling at D's belly =) If I'm sick of winter, I can only imagine how tired if you guys are.

At least my area is able to deal with snow removal etc.

Mrs. Mom said...

Wow Leah, not only is Baby D getting big, but he and Jaz both look under whelmed by the winter blasts. I like the ideas of the kitties and the dogs had ;)

Stay warm and safe out there lady!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's enough of winter already! Baby D looks cute in his blanket.

Love the kitties in the sun and the puppies crowding together.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Winter has kicked my bum too.Hope you enjoyed your sta home day

Sherry Sikstrom said...

OK< miss read that , enough stay hoem , time to get out in the world

cdncowgirl said...

I've been catching your fb updates so I know how super-duper-happy you've been with the weather.

I think that abnormal weather you guys are having is tougher on the animals, they can't be told what's going on and that it IS going to end.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

It just doesn't seem right that you have more snow in Tx than we have where we are in Colorado!

Yuck! Hope it clears up for you guys soon.

Crystal said...

ewww I hear you, i too am sick of winter, at least you got cute ponies to keep you entertained

Dreaming said...

Awww... the tummy sticky below the blanket is too cute!
Great pictures!
I think we are all ready for winter to end!

Desert Rose said...

YA...guilt free days off are hard to I have learned that when I need to have a day off...I take it guilt free well almost ;)

morningbrayfarm said...

Hope things have warmed up for you!

Rising Rainbow said...

Being stuck because of weather isn't fun, that's for sure. It's really something when the horses say they've had enough.

Hope you don't get too much mud when all that stuff melts. It's just as frustrating as the ice and snow, I think.

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