Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Earlier, the Better

Got to Iron Ridge a few minutes past 8am. The gate was open, Nita and Heather were feeding, watering, and moving horses around. Who are you people and what have you done with my friends?

It was much better starting earlier. Mother Nature was kind and provided a light breeze, and although the air was warm, at least it was moving.

Jaz was, of course, perfect. He was so relaxed, I actually startled him awake when I put the bit in his mouth. Rough night, I guess. I did a good part of our ride without stirrups, and did better than I thought trotting. Next time, we're riding bareback.

 Jason, Kris, Rachel, Nita

There was so much horse swapping going on, I lost track of exactly who rode which horse(s), but the mount of choice today was the new girl at the farm.
 Who, me?
Yes, you, big girl. This is a Shire/Percheron cross that Heather traded for one of her lighter horses. This photo doesn't really give a good idea of how BIG she is — 16hh+ and approx 2100 lbs. Her head is enormous. She is sweet, well behaved and moves well. She is overweight and needs some muscling. Rachel, Chris (her hub), and Kris rode her and wore her out, so I'll catch her next time. I think we came up with a good name for her, but she's Heather's horse and I'll let her announce it. This girl is definitely a keeper.

After the ride, I hosed Jaz down and let him "mow the yard," and brought Daltrey up with him. Daltrey is super curious and social. He always walks around and says hello to every human, canine, and equine. He walked up the side of the barn and the new girl stuck that big head out. I thought D would jump out of his skin.

Later, they decided to let her out into the herd, which was a non-event. Poco was in love (over the fence), but she blew him off. Ha!


Jeni said...

Great day! I miss that. No one at my barn rides with me - ever.

I LOVE Heather's new girl, and can't wait for you to ride her.

Pinzgauer said...

I TOLD ya I have been getting up earlier! Besides, y'all were all LATE mwahahahha.

What a fun fun day though. It's nice in the morning (if early), but lemme tell ya, I ACHE from riding bareback. Need to do that more and get myself back in shape!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Sounds like a nice mare...was she just to big for her previous owners?

Rising Rainbow said...

It does sound like earlier was much better for everyone. With everyone trying out the new mare, she should be muscled up in no time.

Unknown said...

Early is the only way in this ridiculous heat! She looks like perfect addition.

Leah Fry said...

I think the former owners may have rescued Thumbelina (Lina) and her team mate. They wanted a QH, and Heather's orphan filly Cayenne fit the bill.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Thumbelina...LOL...Love the name.

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