Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grey Winter's Day

Finally got a ride in today after a 3 week hiatus due to either rain or the arena still being too wet to ride. The arena was tilled deeply but not finely, and the horses were a bit put out that they actually had to pick up their feet. I think we all kept it at walk-trot.

This was also a chance to use my new Nikon S9100.
I'm very pleased with this camera so far. I debated as to whether to upgrade to a SLR, but when I really thought about how I take photos, a P&S just makes more sense for me. This one is exceeding my expectations. It's FAST, as in zero lag time between the time you hit the button and your image appears onscreen. 12.1 megapixels with an 18x zoom — now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. It has a wide variety of automated settings, or you can program it. It's almost like a hybrid between a P&S and a SLR. All these images are right out of the camera, with the exception of being downsized and optimized for fast loading on the web.
 Jaz wasn't happy about having to give up his new blanket.
Looking rather svelte — no more pregnant gelding.
 Rachel and Moon
 Chris showing Poko what a lance is all about for SCA games.
 I was at the end of the lead rope when I took this.
 Sure you can't get any more in your mouth, Jaz?
 Heather and Poko
Kris and Voodoo

It was cold for us wimpy Texans, but great to see my ponies and my pony pals.

What's up with y'all? Got all your Christmas shopping done?


cdncowgirl said...

I had my Christmas shopping done mid November (other than stocking stuffers and some little gifts I might grab for a few people "just because) Pretty odd for me to be done. BUT I have to make my mother-in-law's gift soooo...

Nice new camera. What model is it?

Leah Fry said...

Lisa, it's a Nikon S9100.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

great shots! Always fun to play with a good camera

Unknown said...

Point and shoots have come a long way. Great pictures!

I agree. As a fellow wimpy Texan, it way too cold. Glad to see you out in the sunshine.

Crystal said...

As a Albertan, i would gladly take some of your "cold" weather, lol

Desert Rose said...

Just got my shopping done yesterday!!! Can't wrap it till I get back to PDX next week though :(((
I have an older version of your camera but there is a longgggggg delay in the actual taking of the picture. I have missed some really great shots because of it! grandkids and animals do not sit still for long!!!

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