Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Ride of 2012

Packed house, so to speak, today at Iron Ridge. In attendance were Heather (of course), Jae (who didn't ride), Kris and Dr. Erin, who brought young ladies Steph and McKenna, Rachel and Sarah. Rachel's hubby Chris couldn't join us because he took a nasty spill — his first real one — from the green Sugarbush mare, Sweetie (O Sweet Surprise) yesterday. We send healing vibes his way.
 LOVE my new tack cart. One trip to and from the truck.
There's a weather front headed in (RAIN!) and all the horses were a little "whack." Most of them just didn't want to work. Even Jaz was kind of a stinker, pulling toward the gate, petering out after a few strides, etc. Kris's Voodoo was downright scary, and she wisely decided to get off and longe him. Diesel, the OTB gelding, hopped and Steph came off. Scared her, but she's okay. McKenna rode Jaz's brother Boo, who was being as much of a toot as Jaz, Heather, who had been riding Poko, got on Boo to make him mind, and McKenna rode Poko, who behaved admirably with the newbie. He's come such a long way.

Hope the forecast does not disappoint. Last I heard, there was an 80% chance of rain Monday-Tuesday. Rain makes the grass grow and that means I can bring the Boyz back to visit sooner.

Though the weather outside is crappy,
The rain still makes me happy.
So even if it's a pain,
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.


Unknown said...

It's rough when the whole herd is off on a mood swing. We have had several horses being barn sour, probably due to light riding over the holidays.

Glad everyone survived and lives to ride again, sending those on the mend (physical or confidence wise) healing vibes.

AareneX said...

I love your song!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Hope you get some much needed rain , and also that Jae is feeling better soon.

Jeni said...

Enjoy your rain !!

Glad you enjoyed your rides =)

Daisy said...

Love the tack cart! Enjoy the smell of that rain -

Crystal said...

Glad you got a ride in even if the ponies were off, hope some rain comes of this! I love the cart too, but might need bigger whels to move over the rough ground we have here.

aurora said...

Not much fun when they are all "off", but sounds like you had a successful ride regardless.

Is Jaz wearing jingle bells?

Leah Fry said...

Aurora, rhythm beads.

And Crystal, I bet you could replace the wheels, although it's tougher than it seems.

BillyZergling said...

It has really been a bad year so far, our stables got flooded out so were replacing all the horse stable rugs. It has cost us a lot of money to get the horses in another spare stables and now the insurance company is doing a review of are flood damage before they will repair the damage. I might get a ride in by February :(

Ranch Saddle said...

Glad you had enjoyed your ride in the new year...and those rhyming words. :)

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