Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

More triple digit temps this weekend. It was 105 yesterday. Today, it's supposed to reach 107, with a heat index of 112-115. Needless to say, whatever we've had to accomplish outdoors has been done early in the morning, since it was already 95 and dead calm by about 9:00am.

Yesterday morning, we took the last of our bales that we had loaded the previous weekend to Heather's. This hay is a trade for them keeping my horses when we sow some grass later this year. We were there and gone before they were ever even awake. Then we headed to Nita & Jim's old place (they are moving out to Heather's place) and picked up a hay ring. We did a few minor chores outside, then were inside for the rest of the day. Mike opened up the dog's yard, which we do every few weeks to let the Boyz graze. The horses love it back there, and Mr. Fry loves to not have to mow -- a win-win love fest.

Poco & Jazu mowing the dog yard.

We went to a pool party "in town" last night, which was lots of fun and GREAT food! Our friend James is an awesome cook and he'd been grillin' and smokin' all day. We had chicken, amazing beans, kielbasa, homemade queso and pico de gallo AND mini ice cream pies made with homemade ice cream - YUM. I made
pomegranate martinis and a good time was had by all.

We were up early again this morning and headed to Robin's across the road. There are countless busted bales littering the barn and it is free for the throwing. Only the exposed upper surface of all that hay is brown; the next layer is as green and lovely as when it was put up late last summer. The long-suffering, ever-industrious Mr. Fry. The hay on the ground is the equivalent of 2-3 flakes deep. You have to be careful to not pull in too far for fear of the exhaust starting a fire. Much of it is still dry, intact flakes. There are whole bales minus baling twine on either side of the alley. We stuffed the trailer full, then closed the gate and stuffed some more over the top.

Since we don't have a barn, the trailer often serves as hay storage aka the Honey Hole.

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see how green that hay still is. You can also see the enormous crude firebrands on my little tank's shoulder (R + S + rocker) and hip (no telling). What were those people thinking? Trying to deter nearsighted horse thieves perhaps?I like this shot of Jaz because it makes his head look a little dished.

Mike and I walked the property inspecting the effects of the short but heavy rains we had twice this week.

It's usually a little greener back here, but it got torn up from the backhoe work to set the culvert pipe across that dry creek bed (on the map as the Little Elm Fork of the Trinity River) and grade my round pen area. I'm grateful the horses have a place to escape this oppressive heat.

We are inside for the rest of the day, and I can't come up with a good excuse not to vaccuum and do some laundry. But give me some time...


cdncowgirl said...

There is ALWAYS a good excuse not to vacuum... sometimes it just requires a bit of searching! ;)
Laundry I don't mind so much. Almost therapeutic. (hope that's spelled right, damn comments need a spell check feature) lol

sidetracked said...

great pics. It's amazing what different parts of the country look like at different times. I have never been out west and it's always been a dream of mine, but maybe I'll wait till it's a little cooler. Love the ponies.

Callie said...

Nice pics. Sounds like a busy week. Couldn't stand the triple digitd, though!

Leah Fry said...

Molly, you need to come and visit and we'll go to the Appaloosa World Show in Ft. Worth in Sept/Oct. I have a guest room with your name on it.

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