Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life Goes On

I told Heather I wouldn't be up yesterday afternoon. Her method of bandaging Jaz's foot uses a whole roll of Vet Wrap every time, so I stopped at Paul Taylor's and bought a box, as well as sheath cleaner for Heather. Well, not for her ... I also stopped at D&L feed and farm store and bought 150 lbs. of annual rye, and Ace Hardware for another roll of duct tape. I think it's funny they just spell it "duck" these days, having caved to the vernacular.

Mr. Fry is back to the sweet man he is 99.9% of the time. Working nights and going to school sometimes gets the better of his good nature, poor man. When I got home, he had already taken Nita's trailer to a welder in Pilot Point. They fixed the break (cheap!) and added two triangular metal gusset pieces that are welded to the crank tube for strength. He volunteered to take it back to the farm today, so I gave him the supplies and reminded him there's a bale of hay in the trailer that wouldn't fit when I hauled the Boyz in the stock trailer on Sunday.

There's only a 30% chance of rain off and on for the next 5 days, therefore no point to tossing that seed. A 30% chance of rain in our part of Texas means "forget it". Mike will run a harrow over the land first. We have a homemade one that's pretty beat up from use, so he needs to make another one, unless Heather has a real one we can borrow. The quick-taking annual rye will help stem erosion and hold the Bermuda we'll sow later. Mike says it needs to be 70° at night for Bermuda to take. I have a while to save for that purchase until temps are that warm. We don't have a mechanized spreader that fits on the tractor, so I volunteered to push the manual one.

Not having the horses here is weird, and yet freedom from the responsibilities is nice for awhile. I can't ride or play with them whenever I want, and
I have to haul tack, but I enjoy the camaraderie at the barn. I look forward to lessons with Poco in the arena. One thing I want to try is having Heather and/or Nita on mares in the arena at the same time to see what kind of nonsense he pulls. Gurlz make him stoopid, but we need to get past it. I'm finally confident enough to try it.

I have to grocery shop today, so it will be Friday night or Saturday before I visit the horses.

In addition to everything else that happened all weekend, when I showered Sunday evening, I dropped a can of shaving cream and took a chunk out of my foot that makes wearing shoes painful. My goose egg still hurts, too. I guess you could say that owning horses can sometimes be a pain. Or several.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Hope your foot and head feel better soon. Sounds like you are plenty busy without the horses. It is weird when you don't get to see them everyday though.

ezra_pandora said...

I never think about actually not having horses, but now that you mention it, I would have TONS of freetime! lol But I would be sad. That's great that you will be getting to hang with the people at the barn. Talking horse with people more often is fun.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It doesn't pay to shave. Let that hair grow out, girl. Be an ape like me. (Just don't wear dresses or shorts.)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you get used to having your critters around! I have no idea how I'm going to manage being away for the whole of summer and leaving both beloved horses and dog behind...

Anonymous said...

Leah...see, there's the silver lining...your land gets a break and you can seed it. Yay!

Nuzzmuzz...I'm glad to know I'm in good company with those "ape legs!" ROFLMAO!

C-ingspots said...

Hope you mend real soon and enjoy the change of routine while it lasts.
Don't ask the question - what next?? Don't do it!

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you've had a crazy week! I'm glad Jaz's hoof is better. It is scary when they won't put weight on it! I was a bit freaked the first time My Boy had an abscess. I'm worried it might happen again as his hooves are so soft right now from all of the mud, and soon we'll get that fluctuating warm/cold/wet weather that just screams abscesses. It'll be another few months before the pasture is all dried out.

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