Saturday, May 29, 2010

Everybody's Doing It

Heather holding Poco at a recent arena play day

I talk about Heather, Jae (Jason), Nita, Jim and the horses at the farm in Whitesboro about every other post. With the herd currently numbering 37, things are always hopping up there.

Heather is one of those people whose instincts with horses are remarkable. More remarkable to me is her ability and willingness to share what she knows in ways that are easily understandable. She can send me an email, describe what I should do, and I will (almost always) be able to go outside and execute. Y'all know the notable exception to this is longeing, but that's me, not her.

They are in the process of revamping their website (not yet ready for prime time) and in conjunction with that, Heather started a blog — Drafts With Dots. This woman has bred some incredibly beautiful horses with amazing temperaments, and this is the year for working them up. I hope you'll stop by and say howdy.

And, if you are in the market for a horse, I can promise you, if she says something about a horse, you can believe it.


Laura said...

Looking forward to reading her blog.

You are fortunate to have her as a friend and a teacher. An honest horseperson is worth his/her weight in gold! There are so few of them out there...!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's always fun to hang out with lots of like minded-folks, and that's the best way to learn new ways of doing things, too.

Thanks for sending me along to Heather's blog. Looks like I've got another good one to read now :)


Desert Rose said...

Love fun days with my buckaroo's!!!

Pinzgauer said...

Thanks for the plug Leah!

aurora said...

Glad you have a good mentor, and friend Leah. Hard to find, and priceless. Thanks for sharing the blog, it's a great read - I added it to my feed. I'm a poet, and don't know it! Ugh. That was an eyeroller!

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