Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Goes On Without Me

Weekends have come and gone. Most of them find me at Iron Ridge on Sunday mornings, except for last weekend. I had some airline miles that I needed to use or lose. Since I didn't have enough for a flight, I booked a night at a nice local hotel for Mr. Fry and myself to hang out. It was wonderful, except Mr. Fry can't take the sun like I can and ended up blistering. Not pretty.

Most of the time, I'm fine with my horses being at Iron Ridge. After all, I can only ride on the weekends anyway, and that's where my friends hang out. The sad truth is, I ride mostly on Sundays only, because Saturdays are generally spent doing the things that allow us to live comfortably indoors and keep the Board of Heath at bay. Now that the weather has begun to cool, I miss being able to jump on Jaz and take off down the road on a whim. But it still hasn't really rained. We've had a few showers, but it would take more than a foot of rain to bring us back from drought stage. The land has not improved, not even a little. So, at Iron Ridge they stay until such time as we feel the land can handle a visit from them.

Today was Pony Party and shot day for my Boyz. I bought the vaccines last week and Heather administered them. We put Daltrey in a stall and he didn't even stop eating his breakfast as Heather stuck him. It was a different story when we checked on him a few hours later. Nothing to be concerned about, but he was hanging out quietly, facing the back of the stall. When I spoke to him, he stiffly turned toward me.

Jaz was perfect, albeit a bit lazy, on our ride. We went about as fast as you can go at a trot without breaking into a canter. We're SO close! To be honest, I think I'd feel more secure if we were in the round pen rather than the arena, but either way, it WILL happen. Jaz got his shots after our ride, and was showing no ill effects when I left.

I seriously thought about shutting the blog down this week due to lack of compelling content. It's not the same when I'm not interacting with the horses daily. I decided to hang in there for awhile because Daltrey is now 19 months old and it won't be long until his adventures truly begin. Thanks to all who have continued to hang in there with me. I appreciate you.

PS -- I've mentioned our friend Rachel and her husband Chris. They have adopted one of Heather's Second Chance Horses, an ex-racing paint mare named Moon. Rachel has started a new blog, so stop by and check her out.


Morning Bray Farm said...

Definitely hang in there. I enjoy your blog!

Sarah said...

I hear you on the not having much to say.

But think of it this way: it just means life is much more peaceful! ;)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Yep, not a lot going on of blogworthy interest around here either. Although, I told myself I am not going to let all of this beautiful fall weather escape me. I have horses that need rode and even if I took a break for a bit, I WILL get them rode before winter sets in...

Beatrix said...

I hope you get some rain soon, I know that watering your lawn is out of the question, but can you set up rain barrels so when it DOES rain you can use that to supplement the dry times?

As for the fast trot, that pace is probably a lot more bouncy and out of control than a canter! ;) Can't blame you for wanting to try it in the round pen first though, but I'd make it a large-ish one. When I was taking lessons my instructor had me do workouts by doing lope/jog transitions in a small round pen, I was dripping with sweat in minutes! How is Jazz with someone lunging him and you riding? That could give you the extra sense of security needed to do a lap of cantering. (just make sure the person on the rope is wearing gloves, EVERYONE forgets to do that and it's a real simple way to keep your hands from getting seriously hurt).

cdncowgirl said...

Glad you're hanging around :)

Also glad that your friend's that adopted Moon are going to blog. That mare caught my eye (which means I'm also grateful I didn't live close enough to be seriously tempted lol)

Leah Fry said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I really do like the non-drama of my life right now and have no desire to jinx it!

GreyDrakkon, there's a 110' RP at the farm. I'll ask them to till it. I don't think it's been used in awhile. I feel more secure in the RP.

cdncowgirl, Moon is very sweet, and she has really latched onto Rachel. She's a big, sturdy mare, and she's going to be stunning when she fills in. She's gained something like 75 lbs. in 2 weeks.

Unknown said...

I actually come here for the witty, sometimes snarky, remarks. And I don't care if you just say "I rode today!" I just like hearing from ya.

I'm like your mom. :D

As to the lope thing, I suggest you have someone lope him first, just so you can see it. Also to get any kinks out, sometimes my mare with cow kick at first and that can undo your confidence. She just has to warm up her shoulder a bit.

.02 :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've thought a lot about shutting down my blog, too. I'm on the opposite side of doing so much and not having the time to post about it. Some is horse related and some not. But that's life.
I think those of us who have been following along all these years do so because we like to keep in touch with you, not just read about horse stories. Though I must admit that I do enjoy reading about Jaz and Daltrey...and even Poco in the past.
Even if it's just a catch up post once a week or so, it's all good. :)


Fantastyk Voyager said...

I have so many unwritten posts nowadays. It feels like all I do is work, work, work. I definitely would miss you. Post when you can but please don't shut it all down. 'kay?

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