Saturday, March 10, 2012

Look Who's Turning 2

 O Stop Looking
IPSHR Stonewall Sport Horse
Barn name Daltrey (nee Streaker)
Sugarbush Harley's Classic O x Quagga's Ardent Sun (ApHC)
Born March 9, 2010

 April 2, 2010

 July 11, 2010
I think this might have been the point where I was a goner.

 Definitely a goner.

 In Mr. Fry's garage

 The day he jumped in the trailer when I was loading Jaz.
If you're going, I'm going.

 Rolled oats, grated apples and carrots, corn oil & molasses
baked at 350 until set. The gaps around the edges are
from people sampling – pretty tasty!

 Party hats

 Great excuse to eat pizza, drink beer and wear silly hats.
Nita, Heather, Rachel, Shere

Mmmm cake

Happy birthday, sweet boy.


Dreaming said...

Any excuse for a party! But... I can't think of a better one that Daltrey's B-Day! He certainly has grown into a handsome guy!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Happy B-day Daltry! He sure is getting big quick.

Crystal said...

aww, love those baby pics!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a very cute boy!

Sarah said...

Aww. Happy birthday, baby D!

AareneX said...

How is it that our children get older so quickly but we don't?

I've never understood that.

cdncowgirl said...

Happy Birthday Daltrey! Wow, looking at that last pic he's really starting to look like a grown up, and what a mane he's grown :)

(btw I love that D & Jaz are wearing party hats, at first I thought they were photoshopped in)

aurora said...

They grow so fast! That's a great photo of you with your boys!!

jane augenstein said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Daltry!!! Hope you had a great, your cake looks yummy! What a beautiful big boy you are!

the7msn said...

What a marvelous picture of you and your boys.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Happy Birthday Daltry. Your cake looks yummy.

Beatrix said...

Aww, he's definitely smiling in that pic where he's nuzzling you!

Anonymous said...

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Happy birthday to him, glad he enjoyed his special event and day, I wonder how old is he.

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