Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Calor Abrasador

Translation: sweltering heat
One of these days, I swear I really am going to learn Spanish rather than the smattering of words I pick up here and there, mostly related to ordering alcohol and food! Mike and I love Latin American culture, food, music, art, the wonderful people -- all of it. I'd love to retire to Mexico or Puerto Rico.

It was 80 degrees when I got up at 4:30 this morning. The sunrise over Lake Ray Roberts already looked like the sun was burning its way through a purple cloud curtain. Triple digit temps all week.

I had to stop at the feed store and ended up getting a 14% feed with hardly any molasses in it, rather than the sweet feed I have been giving them. Then, I was almost completely past Paul Taylor's when I saw their sign reminding me they would be closed the entire month of August! SHARP FAST TURN into the driveway, since I'm almost completely out of Source. I have a couple weeks of daily wormer left, and hadn't planned on spending $160 there in addition to the $12 at the feed store, but I'm not making another trip. I'm not complaining - the wormer will last at least 6 months, the Source about 3 months and the grain a month or two.

I've been mostly coming home, hosing down the horses, maybe giving them a cool treat like watermelon rinds, and heading in the house. When I got home today, it was only 100, and didn't feel nearly as bad as it did the other day at 104. How bizarre is that? I put a bridle on Poco and hopped on. Do I have to say it? Yes, of course he was a jerk! That's what he does! I was able to control him and we just tooled around the back 2.5 acres for awhile. I did a couple yo-yos, but mostly we just walked around. We were on our way to the front half of the property when all of a sudden SHITHEAD Jazu came barreling out of nowhere and scared the crap out of Poco. Me too. Man, I hate when they do that!!! Poco bolted, but I managed to stay on. He was pretty flaky after that; it rattled me too, so I'm not surprised. My fault for not paying attention. I rode a few hundred yards, got off, praised him, then got back on and made him go some more before walking back down to the hitching post. This may not sound like any big shakes, but trust me, this is good for him and me. He got lots of praise and a couple Altoids.

Even though it's hot, I should probably tack him up next time for my own sake. I was lucky today... Maybe the next time I have a lesson, I'll do it bareback. I LOVE riding bareback. I need to work on my seat and balance. We've all been so busy -- and Nita and Jim are moving in this heat! -- it's hard to say when I'll be able to take another lesson, but soon, I hope.

Oh yeah, and next time I ride either horse around the property, I'm sticking the other one in the round pen!


LatigoLiz said...

Ugh! 100°+ sounds awful! Our weather took a slight turn towards fall today, but it was a refreshing change of pace. Mid-60s and occasional showers. The grass will love it and hopefully it will help us to maybe get a second cutting of hay in a month or so. Hopefully, but not counting on it.

Gotta love the getting buzzed by a pasture buddy. Heheheheh!

sidetracked said...

I absolutely HATE heat. My body starts to shut down when it's too hot. Now snow on the other hand I can live with all the time but it's not the best riding conditions. I admire your dedication in the heat. WHen it gets to about 90 here I don't ride.

Mrs. Mom said...

I hear you on the heat. The heat and humidity here have been brutal lately too. Horses get cool hose offs, and hand grazing and thats about it!

Great sunrise shot!

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