Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the Hot Seat

Mike and I went back over to Robin's on Sunday to clean out what was left of our last year's hay to make room for this year's crop. We packed it in the stock trailer then stuffed what space was left with the detritus of all the bales people have busted moving their hay. Robin had said we were welcome to whatever we cared to pick up. There are easily 50-75 busted bales of beautiful, still-green hay. Not ones to turn down free feed, we crammed that trailer full. We were picking up 5-6 flake chunks and tossing them up over the trailer door, packing it in so we could fit more. It was sticking out all over the place and rather than pull some out for the Boyz, Mike decided they needed something to keep them busy, so he just let them pull whatever they could straight out of the "honey hole." Mike is so amused by that, and the horses were busy for hours. We'll probably wait until we go through all that loose hay before we take the bales to Heather's.

Have I mentioned how blasted HOT it's been? That little trek to Robin's and I was dripping from head to foot. No "prop-puh suthin lady" here - I don't glow, I SWEAT. Change of clothes, shower at 9am, rest in the AC.

At some point late morning, I decided if I was going to do anything with the horses in terms of riding and working, I'd better get to it, because it was getting hotter by the moment. I couldn't bear the thought of standing in the round pen, so I saddled Jazu and we set off at a very slow walk down the road. Poco called to Jaz but I think it was just too hot for him to carry on like he has been known to do. We only went a little more than a mile, but I felt like I had a big wet sponge up inside my helmet that somebody was squeezing on my head. I have these wrap around sun glasses and the sweat was pooling in them because my helmet had them pressed so tight against my face. Every once in awhile I'd have to push my finger between my cheek and the lense to let the pools of sweat drain down my face. I got off at the turnaround point and let Jaz graze, had some Gatorade and headed back. He looked very funny with his pink lips and tongue. What a sweetie pie. I could barely pull myself back up into the saddle.

By the time we got back, I was literally shaking from the heat. Normally I get off, open the gate, close it behind us, then ride the rest of the way down to the hitching post, but I didn't even try to get back up again. We walked down, Pokey bringing up the rear. We had more Gatorade, then I hosed Jaz down for longer than usual. Poco really wanted Gatorade, but I told him he'd have to work for it. I did not have the energy to do much, but I wanted to get on him as a matter of principle. I put the bitless bridle (Dr. Cook's) on him, used the mounting block and hopped up bareback. I was only on him for a very few minutes. God knows if he had really decided to act up, I wouldn't have had the energy to deal with him. I probably would have just bailed. He did challenge me (always) but again, I think it was just too hot. His resistance was halfhearted at best and easily correctable. We did a loop around the back 2.5 acres then came back to where Jaz was still drip-drying. Poco earned his "good boys," some Gatorade and being hosed down. It was all good. How I love that jugheaded, worthless, proud cut piece of horseflesh.

Another set of soaked clothes, another shower and I wasn't worth a flip for the rest of the day.

Later on, the Boyz had some cold watermelon rinds I'd been saving for them. Another good day to be a pony.

Here in Texas, we put up with the summer because the rest of the year is pretty darn nice. Sort of the opposite of you guys in the Northwest and Northeast. What really sucks here is, when we finally have the extra daylight, it's too blasted hot to take advantage of it. Just about the time the temps are heavenly, it starts getting dark during my evening commute. Who the heck planned DST? Must have been a guy.

Yeah, I know, that was snarky.


Unknown said...

Yeah it's hot here too. Peaked up over 100 when I was riding last weekend. I don't shake but one long ride in the heat like that will zap my energy and appetite for food for several days...

Like your boys and your blog!

sidetracked said...

I am not a heat person. Give me 20 degrees any day and I'm fine but at around 90 I begin to wilt like a delicate flower hehehe. Seriously I've had heat stroke in the past and it wasn't fun. One of those times was haying and stacking in the loft of my old barn, not a pretty sight. Would love to visit Texas sometime. Been to California when I was younger, have family that lives in Virginia and visit them often and been to Florida a bunch of times but Texas never have.

Pony Girl said...

Leah, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have enjoyed reading about your adventure into horse ownership. I envy your roundpen!

Sorry it's been so hot. As much as I was looking forward to riding in the summer, I have realized you have to ride early (not me, I like to sleep in a bit) or later (then it's too buggy.)

My Appy's mane is relatively tame! I am growing it out, and it's thinned out a lot since it's grown from it's traditional stock horse pull. :( It used to be a lot thicker. I think he is rubbing it a bit. He does have an awful cowlick on the part closest to the bridle path, it flops over a lot. Hopefully when it gets longer it won't do that. I could band it to try to tame it down. Have you every thought of banding or braiding to get your horse's mane to lay flat?

cdncowgirl said...

Hey Leah! I finally had a few minutes to pop over :)
Have to say I think I'll be a regular visitor over here. And I noticed that "my place" is on your blogroll! :)

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