Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our son and his wife and our niece and her boyfriend made plans to be with their in-laws for Thanksgiving, which left Mr. Fry and I fending for ourselves. WOO-HOO! We're not cooking and looking forward to doing anything or nothing at all this entire weekend! We are thankful to be alone with each other -- just the way we like it!

We had some fresh, homemade tamales we planned on having for Thanksgiving dinner, but they were still hot when I brought them home, and we already ate them all up! I bought a small smoked turkey breast and some shrimp, and made our favorite yummy mixed white and sweet potato casserole (to die for, whether you're a yam fan or not -- honest). And Butterfinger ice cream. We have a fridge full of Shiner and a couple bottles of red, so we're calling it good. If we do get a hankering for a full turkey dinner, we'll head to the IHOP in Gainesville, where they serve a family-style meal all day.

And Happy Anniversary to Pokey and me! It was two years ago tomorrow that I brought home my first horse. Ah yes, I remember it well: the excitement, the abject terror, the utter cluelessness and naiveté.

This is the photo posted on his sale flier. This is like one of those "how-many-things-wrong" games on just about every level. He was not the noble steed of my girlhood dreams, but there was and is something about that face that makes my heart skip a beat.

The above two photos were taken at his former owner's place, where he stayed for at least a month until we had the place ready. Look how fat he is and how thin I am! Our roles have reversed, it seems. Ah, cruel fate.

Poco's first day home. It was almost a week before I could get any closer than this without him taking off. He was alone until Jaz came in January.

I am thankful for how far we have been able to come with the help of both Heather and her family and my entire online extended family.

Have a great Turkey Day!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Have a wonderful day.

cdncowgirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and more importantly Happy Anniversary to you and Poco!! :)
You've come a long way baby! lol

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