Sunday, August 23, 2009

All That Jaz

Poor Jaz is a mess.

He beats himself up.

That, coupled with his allergies —
or whatever it is that makes him itch this time of year —
and he's looking pretty rough.

His mane was only an inch long,
but that didn't stop him from rubbing,

and rubbing,

and rubbing.

While I was at the vet yesterday for something else, I described Jaz's malady, and asked for suggestions. The doc wanted to test him for pinworms. Well, he's 11 years old, and he's had this since he was a colt, but sure, I'll pay $18 for you to tell me he doesn't have pinworms.

I had to drive home with a slide, take a piece of scotch tape, make an impression of Jaz's rectum, stick it to the slide, and take it back. Aren't you glad I spared you the photo? Negative, like I thought. All the OTC stuff they suggested, I've already tried, so they ordered cortisone cream to arrive this week. They don't keep it because it's so expensive. Of course.

I gave him a MicroTek bath this morning,
then soaked his whole body with
MicroTek spray.

I roached him down to his skin. I don't like to roach him that short, but it's easier to treat. To allow the MicroTek to soak in and dry, I led him down the road, let him graze. We walked down by the crazy Labs, but only one was out. We walked right over by the fence, as the manic dog barked. I led Jaz back and forth, and allowed him graze close to the fence. He was relaxed, which I hope he'll remember next time we ride past Norma Jean and her posse.

You-know-who felt slighted.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

One of the ladies who has a column in Horse & Rider shipped her horse from Texas to California, because he had such bad allergies. There must be something that grows in Texas that is hard on some horses.

Paint Girl said...

Poor Jaz! He looks so itchy! Hopefully the cream will help him feel better!!

ezra_pandora said...

Oh man. I feel so bad when you can't do something to help them quicker. Both of our horses were rubbing really bad and we used MTG to help moisturize and hair grow back, but yours definitely sounds like a worse problem then what ours was. I hope he gets better quick!

Leah Fry said...

It gets better in cooler weather, worse when it's hot. I've never seen it this bad, but Nita and Heather both warned me it could be. I've tried MicroTek (which seems to help the best), MTG, Swat, tea tree oil, and all sorts of medicated shampoos. He's allergic to the tiny flies (no-see-ums) that bite them. All I've ever heard says to keep it clean and medicated, and load him up with fly spray or Swat to keep them from biting. This has been a bad year for bugs all round. They bite through whatever repellent I put on the horses or myself.

The skin is small, pimply welts on top of large, swollen welts. He doesn't like water, but he seems to enjoy having it scrubbed with MircoTek. He doesn't mind being sprayed with it either. It must be soothing.

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck with the MicroTek. I always feel sorry for the horses when they're itchy and uncomfortable.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! I've never seen skin irritation on a horse that bad. Poor Jazz. It looks so uncomfortable. I hope you can find something that works well to ease his itchiness. Have you tried a homemade oatmeal milk bath?

Feel better Jazz! Your Mama's worried about you. :(


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Leah!!

Have you checked Jazzy for lice?

I saw this post and thought of Jaz. Might be worth a look/try.


word verification:
(sounds like a special horse shampoo to cure itchy horses. lol!)

Anonymous said...

Ew! When I bought my little arab mare, she had some weird pus-scab things all over her chest, and her tail...well the skin was coming off in CHUNKS. UCK! I picked everything off, and it didn't come back. She came from Utah...I wondered if it was allergies because she is fine now. Good luck! Poor itchy pony!

Anonymous said...

One other "long shot"...I knew a horse who was allergic to the sun...he developed welts all along his face...especially where there was pink skin. It wasn't was peeling welts and pimples. They kept him in during the day, and used sunblock on him, and a mask. It really helped.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh poor Jaz!!! That is horrible!! I too have never seen it that bad...I hope you find him some relief soon!!

lytha said...

oh, i was gonna ask if it was no-see-ums, and if it really is, have you tried equispot? my horse had big sores on his belly and sheath area from the no-see-ums until i started using equispot every two weeks. however, jaz could be allergic to the permethrins in equispot, my vet warned that some horses react to it.

it also works on ticks, baasha has not had a tick on him since april.

hope he gets better soon! i had no idea it was so bad.


Esther Garvi said...

Aw, poor Jaz!! Sending a big hug from Sweden!

jacksonsgrrl said...

What a mess! Poor Jaz! That is so itchy and nasty looking! Hopefully the Cortisone helps!

Carol............. said...

Poor baby! We had s Shire mare that was allergic to flies! Had to give her shots once a week or else she'd scratch her belly raw.

Hoping for a fast recovery.

Anonymous said...

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