Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Math of a Mess

2 buckets
1/4 watermelon a bit past its prime
1 cup dry mix grain
1/2 cup BOSS
1 scoop Source
1 scoop Nature's Essentials
1 scoop Sand Clear
1 scoop daily wormer

1 piggy pony who eats anything not nailed down

1 pony with only a slightly more discerning palate

a lot of slurping & sloshing & drooling

2 happy Boyz
1 big mess

Oh, the carnage.


Esther Garvi said...

Lol! What a wonderful mess!! :-D

AareneX said...

Yup, you gotta be a horse person (or a horse) to appreciate the beauty of that mess!

Anonymous said...

Love the mess, and the expressions!

Paint Girl said...

That is so cute! Those are some spoiled horses! It looks very yummy!

Unknown said...

yum. I think. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hehe! This was so cute, Leah! :)

Your ponies sure do receive a lot of different foods and special things. Right now my mare is only receiving pasture grass and water. lol!

I do go over there every other day to check on her, give her some grain, some loose minerals (silly girl refuses to use a mineral block), maybe a small flake of hay and lots of attention and grooming.

I give her the dewormer every 6-8 weeks mixed up in some grain with a dribble of molasses mixed in.
I suppose you could say she is very low maintenance. lol!


Chelsi said...

LOL! Very cute! Love the "anything not nailed down" comment. I didnt ever think to feed my horse watermellon!

Leah Fry said...

I really have to stand out of the way when they have a treat like this. They drool and fling it everywhere.

Mine like any kind of fruit, but grapes (especially frozen) and watermelon are their faves. They also like regular and sweet potatoes.

Lisa, it sounds like a lot more stuff than there really is. The Sand Clear's only one week a month. Although they get decent hay, our grazing's not that great, so I added Source. When Jaz first came, Poco ate his poop. An old cowboy at the feed store suggested grass minerals (Nature's Essentials). Not sure if that was what made him stop, but he did. They only get a kitchen measuring cup of grain and a half cup of BOSS -- just enough to make them think they're getting something -- enough to choke down the wormer and supplements.

ezra_pandora said...

Poco ate his poop...lol. I think I've got a girl for him. Our older mare eats her sawdust bedding, we believe. Although we havn't seen her, it's aweful strange that it seems we always take out way less (even with poo and wet stuff) than we put in. What a sweet treat. We just bought a watermelon and grapes yesterday and I never thought to give them some. I will have to do that.

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