Saturday, September 19, 2009

After the Rain Sing-Along

Baby, the rain must fall.

And it did, off and on for a week,
cooling things down and
bringing things back to life.

It's still muddy, but I needed to
groom the horses, paying special attention
to their mud-packed hooves.

What a mess.

I did the best I could, and
will do it again tomorrow,
including some ThrushX.

'shrooms everywhere

In the circle, the circle of life.

'shrooms growing in a decomposing
pile of poo

I saw quite a variety ...

... each one more interesting ...

... than the last.

This one looked like a big fat potato.

Rain always brings a kazillion of these —
fire ant mounds.
If there were one species I could
eradicate from the planet,
it would be fire ants.
Worthless, nasty little varmints.
I have several bites;
a real joy to deal with,
lemme tell you.

After the rain comes
outdoor housekeeping, like picking
up rocks brought to the surface.

All the trees have
piles like this at their bases.

Rock, rock til you drop.

I did, BTW.

Never been rocked enough,
Never been rolled just right.

Long ago, these rocks
formed a solid layer.

The ridges on this one are telltale signs
that it was once under water.
This area was part of the inland sea.

The flat surface of the strata
is slick as hell, wet or dry.
The horses slip on them,
so I don't like to ride through them.
Some stick up just enough
to cause them to trip.

We call this the alley.
Mike said if I marked the trees,
he'd trim them so I can ride
through to the other side.
The dry creek bed flattens out just
beyond where you can see.

Tie an orange ribbon round the old oak tree.

And the cedars.

Anybody know what these are?
They look like miniature plums.
They're not juniper berries;
they're the size of large grapes.

I'm whupped.
Is it beer-thirty yet?


Mrs. Mom said...

I found out by accident this summer that the sunburn stuff (we use Ocean Potion) with aloe and lidocaine in it works WONDERS on fire ant bites. I've even used them on Sonny horse too. Takes the sting and itch right out. Apply a time or two a day for a couple days, and they heal a lot faster.

Hope it helps you too!

Leah Fry said...

Thanks, Mrs. Mom! I will give it a shot.

AareneX said...

aloe/lydocain (sp?) is miraculous stuff--sunburn, nettles, even hives. We don't have fireants here (thank you, Gawd) but I'm not surprised to hear that the WonderGoop works on those bites too!

Happy rain, dear Leah. We're having a bunch of the blessed stuff too...sort of a warm-up for winter in the Swamplands!

Anonymous said...

Thank you - fascinating! We have no fire ants here (yet), for which I am grateful!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That was a very interesting post. I love all the different varieties of mushrooms!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh my goodness those are some crazy mushrooms!! And you have so many!!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Those are very pretty mushrooms! I explained to someone this summer what the mushrooms looked like growing in my manure pile. He said they sound like edible mushrooms. thanks, not that hungry. I'll get my shrooms from the grocery store where I don't see what they are growing in.

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