Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Down the Road a Piece

Toads are freakin' everywhere!
I dumped this one out of my boot.
This time of year, if you leave
footwear outdoors, you bang them on the
concrete to evict squatters.
Trust me, toads are the
least of your worries.

I led Poco down the road maybe a
quarter mile. I was hoping the 3 crazy Labs
would be barking like banshees
(I even called them),
but they were inside.

Jaz called several times,
but Poco didn't acknowledge him.
That was a first, and I call it
a good omen.

Another dog followed us, which
Pokey didn't like, but
he wasn't stupid about it.
The dog, however, was stupid,
and refused to go home.

My intent was to turn around and
ride him back home —
I didn't tack him up for nothing —
but I had to wait until
the dog lost interest to mount.
No sense tempting trouble,
since I don't know that dog.

Poco did well, and was so pleased
with himself, that he hung out with me
for an hour after I tacked him down.
"Tell me again what a good boy I am."
He tries so hard to be a good boy.



Anonymous said...

Well, he does look like a good boy in the picture!

Dusty Devoe said...

It's funny how they can be so good one minuite and a little pill the next!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ha ha! Most of our squatters are spiders and scorpions. I always bang my shoes and boots out, even if I just wore them yesterday and put them up high. I've had dogs follow my horses before. It can be unnerving if you don't know the dog.

AareneX said...

Toads? Scorpions? Eeeek!

I shake out my boots before putting them on because my cat likes to stash his (mostly) dead mice in there....

Unknown said...

Yeah my squatters tend to be mice or spiders. Ick! I wouldn't mind toads at all.

Mrs. Mom said...

hehehe Leah- you're really.. "hopping" out there! ;)

cdncowgirl said...

He is a good boy!! Just not always the way you want him to be. lol

City girl turned Country Girl said...

He sure does look good!!! I'm glad you got to ride him for a bit at least!!

Esther Garvi said...

Toads - you said it! Lots of them in Sweden and I might as well be prepared for them in Africa too... Don't like when dogs keep tail with my horses either, but it's more of a problem for them (if they get to close to Sahara) than for me. Since getting Sheba however, that's never been an issue as she keeps them at a distance.

Janie said...

Here we have grasshoppers getting in the boots! Love your header photo. Is Jazz an Arab? He looks a little like my Mischief.

lytha said...

nasty, a toad in your boot!? we have toads hopping around everyhere here too at night, and it freaks me out when i walk outside and two big ones jump out of my path right at my doorway.

and i went and saved hundreds of tadpoles' lives in the spring. what was i doing!


ezra_pandora said...

That's good he wasn't goofy with the dog running around with you.

And a toad in the boot is better than a frog in your can of Pepsi ;) Did you hear about that?

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