Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rust Never Sleeps

I've been sick since last Wednesday with a bad cold.
Is there such a thing as a good cold?

Not that it's hampered any weekend plans.
Nope, the weather did that.
More rain today/tonight.
I am SO sick of mud.

So how did I spend my time?

You couldn't ask for a more comforting
place to be when you're sick
than a warm, clean-smelling laundromat.

I passed the time with the new State Line Tack catalog.
The unglamorous truth about horse ownership:
I thumbed past the tack to see
what kind of deals they have on dewormers.

The catalog didn't keep me busy long enough.

Took my saddle apart for the second time
and conditioned the daylights out of it, top ...

... and bottom.
It was still very wet when I put it
back together and on the rack.

Ahh, the better to have my way with the leather.

I torqued the fenders around and
held them in place with a dowel.
I worked to contour the edges of the seat jockeys
down and under.

For you English folks, the seat jockeys
are like the skirt on an English saddle.
The edges tend to flip outward slightly.
If you aren't wearing breeches or chaps,
that can literally rub you the wrong way.
I have purple bruises.

I moved some furniture,
creating a little nook by the fireplace.

The purpose of that was to make
wide open space in the living room.

No, we ain't havin' a hoedown.

It's so we don't kill ourselves when
deep in the throes of Wii.

Then I repaired some of Poco's handiwork.
This was the worst of it;
this one went clear through.
There were other smaller, superficial rips.

I looked out at the Boyz the other day,
just in time to see Poco hanging onto Jaz's blanket,
and Jaz squealing and kicking like a mare in protest.

Tawanda, Queen of the Amazon (Leeloo)
guards the back door,
ensuring I can work in peace, safe from
marauding birds and killer squirrels.

Stay healthy, warm, dry, and safe.


cdncowgirl said...

Pretty nice to find a laundromat that welcomes horse clothes! They can be tricky to find.

Leah Fry said...

This is Texas, darlin'. EVERY country laundromat has at least one over-sized washer designated for horse blankets.

AareneX said...

Leeloo's cousin Puzzle is currently chasing raindrops on the window. I feel so much safer with him on the job.


Unknown said...

Gosh you are productive with a cold. All I did was read blogs...

Leah said...

Nice that they welcome horse blankets - must have one or two washes just for them! That is an icky job...

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH I hope you are feeling better!! I too am SO sick of crappy weather! we have had rain, snow, sleet and now back to snow again tonight!

Love the little corner nook you created! Looks so cozy!

Laura said...

That is cool that you can wash horse blankets at the laundromat! I need to move to Texas! I could probably try here, but I would have to sneak into one at 3am or something...

Love the cat helping out in all the pics - she looks exactly like my cat! Gotta love a tabby... :-)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Your living room has the type of tile I'm considering for our kitchen and dining room. How do you like it?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

For being sick, you've sure kept busy. When I'm sick all I want to do is sleep or stare at the TV. lol!
I'm impressed that the machines don't do a number on all the buckles and snaps.
Naughty Poco! Good boy Jaz for wanting his blanket to be rip free. He likes being warm and dry. :)

Feel better!


Desert Rose said...

I would have no Idea how take put my saddle back together! Or wash a horse blanket for that matter. Ok...just kidding about the blanket but the saddle baffles me to no end!

Michelle said...

I love the laundromat that welcomes horse blankets! Usually I'm forced to find an unmanned one so I don't get nasty looks. You have been a very productive sick person! Very impressive - usually my sick week ends with me still in the same position on the couch, despairing for humanity after watching 72 straight hours of reality TV. I like your way much better.

Jenn said...

I too wish we had a laundromat that welcomed horse blankets!

I have to find the 24-hour one and sneak in at midnight to avoid getting tossed out.

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