Saturday, February 13, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

Remember how pretty it was yesterday?
Today, not so much.
At least the entrance to the man cave
is visible again.

Just off the front patio.

Look, I found the driveway.

And my round pen.

I get to slog around here at feeding time.

Turn up the volume — it sounds so pretty!
Normally, this is a dry creek bed.
Today, it's a babbling brook.
Note where Poco is standing.

Mr. Prissy Feet leapt over it like a gazelle,
when he saw I had cookies.

Poco wasn't buying it.
But I had all the time in the world
and was wearing muck boots.
I walked back and forth across the water.
I let him smell the cookie.
I let him touch it with his nose.
But he had to walk across the water
in order to eat the cookie.

I whispered to him and coaxed
him for close to 10 minutes.

Yup, I'd say he has a more relaxed attitude about it now.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Sorry you know have makes it hard to get around.

cdncowgirl said...

Thanks for the video... I really like the sound of a babbling brook.

lytha said...

your mud looks lovely. i miss seeing ground.

i just realized you have a cat named after the 5th element. that is so cool.

but you made me feel so old today. old and out of touch. *sigh*

~lytha, 1971 model

Leah Fry said...

Lytha, I graduated from high school the year before you were born.
— Leah, 1952 model

Laura said...

Great photos - one day does make a huge difference down there! You actually had more snow than me in Canada for 24 hours. Now, I'm back ahead of you. ;-)

Hope the mud dries up quickly...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. What a difference a day makes. Your snow melts so quickly. We've still got 6-8" of snow still left on the ground from our last storm.
I loved loved the video. I've not heard a babbling creek for many years. It sounds lovely. I suppose in exchange for your sloppy mud, you get a nice little water crossing training opportunity instead. How cool!

Love the photo of Poco, yawning while he's getting a relaxing foot bath. lol!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I thought I'd join in, too.

~Lisa, 1966 model
(Of course I was never a model. lol!)

AareneX said...

Your babbling brook makes me smile. Here in the Swamp, our creeks mostly mutter. But hey! You've surpassed us in mud! That's a heckuvaccomplishment.

Lytha's just a baby. It's a good thing she's cute.

--AareneX , copyright date 1964

Maria said...

Thank you for the sweet sounds and the pretty horses ♥ Maria

*stopped over after reading Esther Garvi's post...

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