Thursday, September 9, 2010

Once You Go Big

Like so many other horse crazy little girls,
I once dreamed of owning this
(Zarife El Mansour).

Over the years, my head was turned
by the likes of this (A Special Clu)

and this (Hollywood Dun It).

Then real life happened,
and I got Poco and Jaz,
neither of which were "my type."
Poco may not be much to look at
to the rest of the world
(I, of course, think he's gorgeous)
but he's a super cushy ride.

And then I met this guy (Annandale's Love Story).

Love Story, a Tigre Horse, and a big boy,
was a guest at Heather's for awhile.
This is a painting of him.
Yes, he is all that.
He's still one of the most
beautiful animals I've ever met.

I watched this guy
(Rohrschachs Slow Burn aka Scorch) be born.
I've had tons of interaction with him,
including being the first person to sit on him.
He stayed here last winter
as a 2-year old stallion
and was as easy to handle as Jaz.
He is what really started to turn me
toward the draft crosses.

I'm not a mare person,
but here's Scorch's half sister (Jinxed Diva).
Sweet from the moment she hit the ground.

Scorch's full brother
(Rohrschach Hextatic aka Rico)
is every bit as docile
and beautiful
as the previous two.

They're not just pretty faces either.
They practically float.

And then there's O (Sugarbush Harleys Classic O)
who found a place in my heart
because his temperament and way of going
are so like Poco's.

We were sitting around after our Labor Day ride,
talking about — what else — and I heard myself say,
"Jaz is great, but I'll never own another Arabian,
or another light (as in weight) horse, for that matter."

Yes, it's true.
I'm sold on the draft crosses.
They are not too tall,
and have that strong, substantial build
I have come to love.
Their temperaments are to die for.
I've met very few
(and they've all been mares)
that weren't totally sweet.

O's son (O Stop Looking aka Streaker Daltrey)
that also carries Sig's amazing
Knightcreek Appaloosa bloodlines?

I didn't stand a chance.


Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . I hadn't really been thinking about draft crosses - but that might be something for me to consider in my horse search.

Jeni said...

Leah I'm with you. I never thought I'd be a "Draft Owner". But from the very first ride on Rosie I was hooked!! My next horse will be another Draft.

jane augenstein said...

Gorgeous horses for sure!!!

Dreaming said...

Draft crosses are THE best! I owned a Percheron x Tbred in high school. I hunted, evented and did Pony Club on him. He was an all-around sweet guy. Not to mention sound, level-head and cute....with a huge, round butt!

Hopeful said...

cool you've found your type AND get to go big! that's great. those are some beauties on your post. also... give the girls a chance!! ha ha.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yep, I would say that you are completely and totally smitten! hehe!


Grey Horse Matters said...

They are all beautiful horses. I love the draft crosses. We have Donnie who is QH/Percheron. He's adorable and as sweet as can be and quite a tank.

Leah Fry said...

What I neglected to mention is that although people tend to think of them as lumbering, the draft crosses are (or can be) quite athletic, suited to many disciplines. And you won't find a more willing horse.

I just love a big round butt, strong cannon bones, and a broad chest and barrel. Yup, I'm sold.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Those are all beautiful horses. I like the big guys too. (And the big gals).

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Absolutely a great post!! Drafts and drafts crosses are amazing!! I LOVE their beautifully big built bodies! I have always been one to lean towards bigger boned horses, not to keen on the smaller ones...But DD's new mare is a smaller built QH and man she moves amazing! So I won't cross them out LOL!!

Now I do have to say that we are either very fortunate to have never really have had dealings with a *bad* mare. In fact the one that DD rodeo'd on before that became down right dangerous was a gelding, a very stubborn one at that! So like anything I think there are bad ones in each gender!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

There is definitely something about those big horses.

And you sure have been lucky to have been able to be around so many nice ones.

Crystal said...

Wow I love my paints and Quarter horses, but I really love them Belgians, not sure what it is about them, but I always love them best!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are all gorgeous horses! Looks like you made a smart choice.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Sunk I would say ! But All for the good! That Tigre horse was a stunner!

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