Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo Shoot with Baby D

Poco and me after our arena ride.
But you don't care.
I know what you want.

How many ridiculously cute
baby pix can you stand?
Let's find out.

Pay no attention to that
unphotogenic middle-aged woman.
Look how tall he is at 6 months old.
For reference, I am 5'4".

You can easily see in this photo
that Daltrey is not skinny.
I sure hope I don't end up
with a "concerned party"
like Heather's stalker woman
that keeps reporting her to
animal control because
"the horses are skinny".
No, they're not.

Stripes on his withers

Stripes on his ribs

He seems to get taller
each time I see him.

I hope he keeps the tipped ears.

Auntie Kris, his halter's twisted.
Bad auntie!

Paying respects to his maternal grandsire,
Q (JKS Regal Quagga)

Mrs. Mom has Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog.
I have Poco, the Wonder Nanny Pony,
and let me tell you:
he takes that job very seriously.
"My baby! Mine, mine, mine!
Move along, boy, don't dawdle."

Not sick of baby pix yet?
Just wait.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

No one will get sick of baby pics! Trust me I have tried over the years and thet keep looking for more. He is in nice shape , and I personally look more to the hip and back to judge weight as babies especially fast growing ones can often look a little ribby at times. He looks good. And Sorry Heather has someone who is bothering her

Anonymous said...

"NO NO" I am not sick of D Delight. He is so cute. Also, I love the Celtic Thunder Boys, they can sing to me anytime. Bev, Fl. Fan.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Baby D is looking mighty hunky...what a doll. You look so happy with him too. Everyone needs a good nanny horse and geldings seem to do the best job at it. Good job Poco you keep your eye one your little charge.

Anonymous said...

There can never be too many baby pics! Cute, cute, cute!

AareneX said...

He is delightful and you are clearly besotted! >g< What fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Personally I kinda liked the picture of you riding Poco. I've got to live vicariously through those folks who are riding their ponies, for now. :)

D has such a wise look because of his eyes. And he built in the caboose, too!
His legs are already longer than Poco's legs. That baby's gonna be one tall pony!

Those ribby and wither stripes remind me of the shadows that a fence can make. His markings are very unusual and unique.


Mrs. Mom said...

Get sick of baby pix? Yer outta yer mind Leah!! He is SO freaking cute!!!

It is going to be just awesome getting to watch the Big D grow up with you! Nice job there Uncle Nanny Poco ;)

Paint Girl said...

I love those ear tips!! That is so cool, he has the coolest markings! He is adorable, and we will never tire of looking at baby pix!

Crystal said...

Aww hes cute, and there should always be a never ending supply of baby pics, there suire is over here!

Leah Fry said...

Sherry, you're right, as anyone knows who deals with babies. They go through growth spurts where it's hard to feed them enough. Daltrey was actually looking just the tiniest bit ribby, so we packed on the groceries. Today he's round, but in a day or so, I bet he shoots up again. The optical illusion of those rib markings is a problem for Heather. She has several horses with them. Iron Ridge is on 30 acres, but is in the middle of a town. Well meaning folks that drive by are always reporting them to animal control because they see those markings and assume it's bones.

Lisa, I hope you're feeling better. Yes, he's going to be tall. Heather thinks 15.3-16hh and about 1400 lbs. I'll have to get Heather to tell me what his draft percentage is. LOVE that caboose and those big, strong cannon bones. I like a horse with substance.

PG (Jen), his markings are unique because there's so much going on. Unfortunately, that's also what makes him a soon-to-be gelding. If you haven't visited yet, check out Heather's blog. Here is the post about all the color traits Daltrey exhibits:

There will be LOTS more baby pix, I promise.

Unknown said...

They change so much in just a week or two. So we will need WAY more pictures at tremendous frequency. Just sayin'

Darn adorable.

jane augenstein said...

Great pictures, what a cutie! Love the vertical strips, is that unusual? I haven't seen any markings like that. Love the blue eyes too.

Leah Fry said...

Jane, striping like that is not uncommon in Appaloosas. Daltrey's dam is an Appy.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

LOL. My eyesight is getting so bad and I don't always wear glasses when I should, so I thought you were flipping the bird in that first picture, but then I saw the second finger. Peace, man. I like the tipped ears too.

Pinzgauer said...

Leah, Daltrey is 15/32 draft horse, or just a bit under a half draft.

I'm so glad you've fallen for him. I have to say, I REALLY like that he's staying "in the family". He's one of those extra special babies.

aurora said...

Awe, so happy for you Leah! All the hands-on time spent with those babies comes back 10-fold when they are ready to ride. By all means, share those pics of all your boys - we luv 'em!!

morningbrayfarm said...

Someone is very happy... :D I for one shall never tire of baby pix.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

He's a cutie! I love his white tipped ears, very unusual.

the7msn said...

He had me at the stripes, then knocked me over with the tips. Lordy, he's a looker.

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