Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heather Takes a Header

I'm going to keep this short, because it's not my story to tell, but Heather's. When she's able, she can tell her side of it.

I was on Jaz, Nita on Ishka, Sarah on Keeley, Heather on Amber. Jaz and I were trotting, I told Heather I was coming up on the outside, she acknowledged, and they were just standing there, waiting for us to pass. For whatever reason, Amber (champagne QH, super green) exploded as Jaz and I came around her. To their credit, the rest of the horses did well throughout her antics.

When Heather hit, she didn't move. Sarah and I froze where we were, because Amber was still flying around the arena, bucking hard and high. Nita jumped off and went to Heather while I called 911, who arrived in moments. When she regained consciousness, she sat up, but when we tried to talk to her, she wasn't making sense. They transported her to the ER in Sherman, TX. She has a concussion, and a bunch of bruises, but no broken bones. She's on morphine, and has no idea what a hurtin' cowgirl she's going to be tomorrow. Her last text to me said, "A hot shower and I'll be fine." Right.

That crack on the far right
goes all the way down.
The helmet is toast,
but my friend will live
to come off another day.


Pinzgauer said...

Ha... I should rephrase that then! A hot shower and I will feel like a normal person that fell off a horse! As opposed to a moron in a neck brace unable to move and worried about casts.

I'll give me view of the ride, just as soon as the morphine wears off.

Oh the upside, nothing is broken, the concussion just barely qualifies, and it's from my helmet (which is better then the ground, and why it is so mild).

And now.... a HOT shower.... I have sand in places I'd rather not thing about!

Jeni said...

Wow ! You just never know. Glad she's going to be ok.

jane augenstein said...

Oh, my! Glad Heather is going to be OK. This is the second cracked helmet story I have read this week! Man scary stuff coming off horses but thank goodness for the helmet!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

WOW! Ouch! Glad she is not too terribly hurt. ANd I really need to buy a helmet!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

So glad she had her helmet on.

the7msn said...

Now that I know your friend is ok, I've got to wonder why Amber exploded. I'm sure you guys have gone over it again and again. Any theories?

AareneX said...

Everybody sing the chorus with me:

"I love my helmet
I always wear it
It makes me sad if
it goes astray.
You'll never know dear
how much I love it.
Please don't take my helmet away!"

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So sorry that happened to Heather. I hope she's back to herself and pain-free soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a great hospital....they gave her morphine? I was only given a little bit of codeine after both my ACL injury and when I was kicked in the face. Lucky girl.

And not just for the morphine either.

Her birthday and that helmet arrived just in time. whew!


Laura said...

Oh no! Hope Heather is feeling better today...

Unknown said...

Yikes! Glad she had the helmet and I'm sending some healing vibes.

I had a low grade concussion from rock climbing years ago. It still hurts to touch that spot. And it's not over when it's over - you go from feeling pretty normal to suddenly having the world tilt over days later.

Keep an eye on that cowgirl and no driving!

Pinzgauer said...

The7msn, for why she blew up, yeah, I figured it out. First, she wasn't ready. I thought she was, but she wasn't. It was only her 4th ride. A few other things, all at once, and well... I made a bad judgment call on that one. And I'm NOT afraid to admit it either! I should have waited before riding her with a group, but I thought she was ready.... she really wasn't. My plans for today are to make it up to her. Poor thing.

I feel fine today. Well as fine as can be expected that is. No major pain, just a ton of minor muscle aches like I did some exercise I'm not used to.

And Lisa, yeah, they gave me morphine... TWICE! But I also think that all of my nurses and my doctor rode horses, so know how bad it tends to hurt.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well, ya know what? The surgeon who did my ACL surgery (from when I fell off my first horse) he owns an Arabian Farm and had been through his own bouts of injuries over the years. And he still only prescribed Codeine!

And the nurses and doctor who saw me for the face kick from Apache, several of them we're horse owners, one did rodeo weekends, and another was a hungter jumper, also used to horse injuries. But STILL I was only perscribed codeine!


I think I want to move to Texas. I sure could have used something stronger than codeine after my injuries. I was taking two pills and it barely made a dent in the pain control! lol!


Chelsi said...

So glad to hear that Heather will be okay, geeze that is scary! And just yesterday I rode my new pony without a helmet for the first time... hmm... maybe I'll stick that bad boy back on next time:)

Heather- you sound like a true horseman "poor thing" lol... yup we're a funny lot.

morningbrayfarm said...

How scary - I'm so sorry. But so happy that Heather is okay. Thank goodness for the helmet.

Desert Rose said...

oh so lucky...from one who doe's NOT wear a helmet!!!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Oh my GAWD! Thank God she is alright! Crack in the helmet is scary enough, imagine if that had been her head. NUFF SAID, RIGHT? When you consider that your head is not much stronger than a watermelon, and there IS NO SUCH THING as a bomb proof horse, then add some speed to that, and you have a recipe for disaster without it. So glad she had one on!
Healing thoughts going her way!
BTW! Congrats GRANDMA! He is bee-u-ti-ful!

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