Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Men and a Baby

When Poco saw the trailer, I think he may have guessed he was coming home. I didn't test the theory, but I almost think that given the chance, he would have just walked in unassisted. Once Nanny Poco was in, it took only minor convincing to get Daltrey on board. Poco was tied, but Baby D was loose. He turned himself around and rode backwards for at least part of the trip, but righted himself by the time we were home. Both Boyz exited like gentlemen.

Since I pull horses with a Nissan Pathfinder, hauling three at once is not an option. Jaz remained behind, and I'm told he hollered for Poco for a few minutes before taking comfort in being allowed to graze.

My niece Jaren captures
Daltrey's first steps in his new digs
on his 7-month birthday.

He's never had 24/7 free choice grazing.
Mike will put out a round bale for them
when he returns from Florida.

Look at that belly!
Of course, come back in a day or so
and he will be ribby because he shot up.

Jaz came home today,
after giving me a great ride at the farm.
We were joined by Kris on her Standardbred Voodoo
& Heather on QH/Solid Paint Doodles.
I wear a helmet every time,
but everybody wore one today!

It took a few minutes until they
all realized the gang was all here.
It was fun to watch Poco
do a double take as Jaz trotted up
and greetings were exchanged.

Daltrey is already showing remarkable sense
in his new surroundings.
He has only a tiny nick on one foot.
He's quite night blind,
so I checked him thoroughly
this morning.

It's great to have our little herd home.


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone's back home safe and sound!

Crystal said...

yaa nice to have them home again, and looking good!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Nice to be able to just see them anytime you wnat huh?

Leah Fry said...

Sherry, yeah, but now I have to haul them to ride with my barn buddies. Advantages to doing it both ways.

Jeni said...

How about a nice collective "awww"

Great to see them home again

Mrs. Mom said...

Look at that cutie! Glad everyone has settled in so well. Bet it's pretty darn neat to step out and see your handsome crew!

Big rubs all around from this little corner of the world!

Unknown said...

The bachelors and their buddy. Too cute!

morningbrayfarm said...

You must be so happy... and all is right in the world again. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Two's Company, Three's Tres Magnifico!

Welcome home, Daltrey!
And Jaz and Poco, too!


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