Friday, January 28, 2011

Lame in More Ways Than One

Got the word from Heather that the Iron Ridge arena had dried out enough to ride. We wait til about noon now, until it warms up to get started, so I used my morning to get the trailer hooked up, tires checked, etc., and groomed everybody. 

Plan A was to take Poco and Jaz, since Poco needed to be ridden. I haven't been on a horse since Thanksgiving, and wanted to ride Jaz. I knew I probably wouldn't have the energy to ride both, but I wanted to see how Daltrey would do on his own. Mr. Fry, the old softie, said I was mean and that he (Baby D) isn't ready for that. He was so sincere, I let him call it, so now (Plan B) Poco and Daltrey would stay home. 

I groomed and wormed Poco, then made him stand there while I tied the baby. The only problem was when I haltered him and couldn't get him to walk with me, but once we got over that, I couldn't have asked for better. It was the longest he's ever stood tied. I was able to brush him, worm him, clip a bridle path, trim his tail, wash his face, butt and sheath, and not only lift, but pick all four feet. 

My plan was to leave Jaz for last so I could just throw a saddle on him when I got to the farm. It was a good plan, except I found 2 big nasty patches of rain rot just below his withers on his left side. They are always so sensitive, and these were no exception. I applied our homemade Listerine/vitamin E oil mixture to soften the scabs. One was fine, but I lifted a hunk of skin about the size of a silver dollar off the other, which rendered Jaz not rideable. 

Plan C — and not what I really wanted to do: Take Poco, leave Jaz and Baby D.

I had asked Heather for a little one-on-one, since Poco's been going through one of his resistant and belligerent spells. True to form, he was uncooperative and resisted turning. As with the last couple times I've ridden him, he gets to a point where he squeals in what I can only assume is frustration. Heather got on and he was just as bad, which surprised both of us. He even lifted his back feet a few inches off the ground. Heather got off, and longed him. 

He's off ever-so-slightly on his left hind (the one with the sock). He's throwing that leg outward laterally. It's very slight, but it's there. Tacked him down and Heather thought she found an owwy place on his back, and indeed, when I massage that area, he drops the hip and leans into it. He flexes willingly in both directions, and he has even let me pick up that leg and stretch it waaay out behind him. It is not deterring him from bucking and playing with his buddies, however.

It's difficult to tell how much is actual discomfort and how much is just Poco being Poco, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being. I made an appointment with the vet. Stay tuned.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Hope it is just a little blip and nothing serious.That rain rot sounds painful poor Jazz

AareneX said...

lameness = no fun at all!

Keep us posted.

jane augenstein said...

We have had some rain rot here too, Gilly had a little and Pokey had a lot! I think Gilly's is gone, haven't seen anymore hair coming off, Pokey seems better too. I can't really check him, he doesn't like it one bit, the little stinker kicked my last week! He said, " mean mom you hurt me, I think I'll give you a kick!" He did too right in the thigh. Didn't hurt much and I got a small bruise, then he was mad at me for 3 days. I had to bribe him with mints so he would make up!
How the lameness isn't anything serious! Hope you get to ride soon! I haven't ridden since New Years Eve.

cdncowgirl said...

Poor Poco, sure hope it ends up being nothing too serious... maybe just a strain from goofing around in the pasture.

cdncowgirl said...

Oh geez, I did it again! I keep meaning to tell you that I really like that pic of D on your sidebar. He's got such a nice head on him :)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Well that's a bummer. Hopefully it's nothing.

He squeals? LOL

Beretta does that when she gets wound up. Cracks me up.

Mrs. Mom said...

Bummer that the boys are dealing with issues there. Hope they both heal up quick for you!!

And YAY BABY D for going on his first walk!!!! He is getting to be such a Big Boy now! (In more ways than one. Man he is growing like a weed too. Looking GOOD!)

Jeni said...

Hope it's nothing serious.. the lameness.. rain rot sucks, I've been watching diligently for it, so far so good.

Jealous of your weather =(

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope that it is something simple with Poco and the rainrot heals quickly on Jazz. It sucks when you're all set to ride and something gets in the way, even worse when you haven't been able to ride for a while.

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