Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ooh, It's Your Attitude

 "You got to learn to be positive, it's your only chance,
You mustn't be so defensive, you gotta join in the dance
It's not your manners, that you gotta improve
Ooh, it's your attitude."
— "Attitude," (Ray Davies) The Kinks, from their 1979 album, "Low Budget"

Dr. G assessed Poco's movement, flexed joints, etc., and thinks it's most likely mild arthritis in the hock. It can't be all that uncomfortable, because he tears around here like a banshee with the other two. It is likely the episodes under saddle are just Poco being Poco. After a frank discussion, we agreed on what some might deem an unorthodox treatment plan.

Poco will go into hard, full-bore training with Heather for 30 days. Dr. G's exact words were,"I want that horse doing 30 miles of fences every day, then running cattle 'til midnight. When I walk up to him, I don't want him swinging that head up, looking at me and and dancing around. I want to see him trying his best to be invisible — 'Please don't pick me. I'm too tired.'" Poco has stamina for 3 horses, and Dr. G said to hitch him up to a big 'ole log and make him drag it around — whatever it takes. If he acts like he's in pain (besides regular soreness from all that work), of course, it will be addressed immediately. In any case, after two weeks, we start giving him Bute and assessing his movement, level of discomfort, and behavior under saddle. We'll decide from there what happens next.

The logic is that given Poco's normal attitude, if we were to give him Bute at this point, and that hock starts feeling better, his behavior under saddle will be that much worse. Remember the success I had last summer when I would wear him out in the heat for 30 minutes before the "real" ride started? Same premise.

I drove straight from Dr. G's to Heather's. My phone was plugged in at home, and I didn't want the hassle at the gate from the other two fretting ponies to fetch it, so poor Heather didn't even get a warning call. Fortunately, I know there's always room if I need it.

I have been toying with having Heather put 30 days on Poco anyway because he's been such a snot lately, so I'm good with the way this is playing out. I will take some lessons while he's up there as well.

This is also good for Jaz. He and Poco are so buddy-bound, they're embarrassing. I looked out earlier and saw Jaz masturbating (mare people, that's whacking himself on the belly with his erect wienie), while bellowing for Poco like a distressed moose. He'll learn he won't die without Poco, and interact more with the baby. He'll be the boss hoss until the Big Man returns. Poor Jaz is never the boss of anybody!

This is good for Daltrey, too, because Poco lets him get away with anything and everything. He chews Poco's tail and bites the crap out of his neck, and Poco just stands there and takes it. Jaz won't. Wouldn't you have guessed it would be the other way around? It will do Daltrey a world of good to learn that you don't tug on Superman's cape, and other valuable lessons in herd dynamics. It will give me an opportunity to ride Jaz out and get Daltrey used to being alone.

So Heather gets to have her way with Poco for the next 30 days. After we talked, she called Dr. G herself, to make sure she was clear on what he wanted and that there were no restrictions on working him.

Interesting new dynamics are afoot at Casa Fry and Iron Ridge, which should add to your blogging entertainment both here and at Heather's blog, Drafts With Dots. Do stay with us!

And say a prayer for Heather. Poco will make her earn every dime I'm paying her.
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Acknowledgment: I want to thank the kind folks who gave me the Stylish Blogger Award: Many Misadventures, Green n Green = Black n Blue, and Homestead Hope. I can't think of a dang thing to tell you about myself that would be at all interesting or add value, so I humbly decline. If there's something you want to know, ask and I'll tell you.


Jeni said...

Ha! The ole "Mom I got a tummy ache and can't go to school routine" gotta love 'em

Very happy it's nothing serious and good for you for going the "work em til they wanna hide" route. It's my personal favorite for 'tude adjustment. It works very well with horses AND teenagers!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a win-win situation!
I've got similar plans for Apache soon. And I agree about the 'tude thing, too. For Apache, even if she wasn't feeling well, she had a choice to leave the scene and not be nasty and kick me in the face. I've learned the hard way that we women folk tend to baby horses too much and they WILL take advantage of that.
I'm glad you're taking Poco's situation seriously and getting some help so you don't get injured. Better tell Heather to have her velcro butt on the ready. lol!

By the way, you had me giggling at your description for us "mare folks". I sometimes see my neighbor friend Val's gelding wacking his weinie when he nuzzling with her filly, Yalla! Cracks me up.

Girl! You sure tell it like it is. lol!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Look out Poco! By spring , you are going to have a whole new horse !

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like Poco is about to find religion. Not a bad concept in a horse. LOL

cdncowgirl said...

While its not great that Poco has a bit of arthritis its not horrible either... and considering how its caused the plans to be laid out its probably a pretty good thing actually!
Looking forward to seeing the results of Boot Camp and whatever it is you and Heather have cooked up.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Heeheehee! I like your vet.

Poco is smarter than the average pony, playing up his hurt like that.

My black horse makes a big ta-do about not really feeling like doing what I would like him to do, but I have done all I can to ease whatever pains he thinks he is suffering from and this year, he is just going to have to learn to work through things.

Frosty too, although he has different reasons and trying to ride him into the dirt has resulted in me ending up in the dirt. Now, I realize that when he became stiff and sore, rather than give him days off, I really just need to keep working with him-even if that means resorting to lunging and ponying.

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