Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Back-Saving Tip

This is a Yerba Prima Skin Brush, which I use every day. The bristles are vegetable fibers and are invigoratingly stiff when new, gradually softening with wear, which is when you know it's time to get a new one. When the bristles are too squishy for my taste, I use it to scrub pony legs and feet, and sometimes other body parts.

My back is always just a hair's breadth from tweaking out on me, and this allows me to scrub to my heart's content without having to bend so far. This could keep you safer if you're trying to bathe an unruly baby or a horse you suspect might kick. I used one on Baby D's owwy back leg once it began to heal.

I would not recommend using a new one on a horse, or using a brush with artificial bristles, since the bristles are firm and many horses are funny about their legs.

Buy online at Amazon or Vitamin Shoppe. But buy it for yourself first. Your skin will be as soft and smooth as a spanked baby's bum.

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