Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally Cool Enough to Breathe

Imagine my disorientation when I stepped outside with the dogs this morning and the temperature was close to what it was in the air-conditioned house. What perfect pony weather.

It was only in the 80s today, so there was no reason to be at the barn at the crack of frikken dawn. I got there about 9am and took my good old time getting Jaz ready. It was wonderful to not be at the mercy of the weather. Well, sorta. It was windy, and since it's been so dry, the wind was blowing dust and sand around — sand in my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

 The elusive Mr. Jason Page on Doodles
and Heather on Boo (Jaz's brother)

 Rachel on Ash, her husband Chris on Poko, and me and Jaz

Believe it or not, Poko was the only one
willing and full of energy.
Everyone else had 2 speeds: really slow and stop.

Jaz, Boo, and Doodles were just lazy,
but Rachel was getting 'tude from Ash.

I plan on riding tomorrow and Tuesday also, but I may carry a crop. 
With Jaz, that's all you have to do; he won't make you use it.
I'm not buying the I'm-so-overworked routine.

What are y'all doing this long weekend?
Hope it includes ponies!


Captain Bailey said...

It's so nice when the weather finally starts to "let up" it winter cold or summer heat. Sounds like the horses are used to conserving their energy, too! Fall is the perfect time to get some chores done.

AareneX said...

Weather in the 80's, we finally got some too...only our weather has been significantly *colder* than that until recently!

Glad to see you enjoying your weekend and your pony. Life is good, ennit?

Unknown said...

I actually felt a damp to the air. Didn't rain, but it seemed to have a fleeting thought.

Telling that Poco was the one that was " up". Youngsters...

Crystal said...

So glad your weather finally got a little more reasonable adn gave ou a chance to ride. We headed up to a cowhorse show on Sunsay, but that meant we missed a beautiful day to ride, so hopefully today we get to.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you getting in some more pony time. I think it's great to see the husband/wife teams out riding together. I wish my hubby rode, too, so we could ride together.

I spent the weekend, and my birthday, crewing an AERC Endurance ride up in Santa Fe. We camped out at the Caja del Rio and it rained the entire weekend with temps never getting above 60F during the day and 40F at night. I was wearing 3 layers, a fleece jacket and a rain poncho and I was still cold!
And with all the rain we've been getting, we have mosquitoes! In New Mexico. Can you believe it?!
Yeah. I think summer is over. And I miss it already.


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