Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Less Tacky Post

This is one of those follow-me-down-the-rabbit-hole posts.

Somehow, I ended up owning 5 saddles.
1. This is the saddle that came with Poco. It was inexpensive (as was all the tack that came with him), and I spent months conditioning the stiff leather into submission. The "tree" is nothing more than a piece of heavyweight composite plastic, which makes it lightweight and flexible, so it literally will fit any horse. The seat has zero padding. I added a gel seat pad and a sheepskin cover that helped.

2. I then bought a Tucker Trail saddle, which I eventually traded for this barrel saddle I now use, but I kept #1 as a spare for when other people came to ride.

3. I remembered that Poco's previous owner also had an inexpensive Aussie trail saddle that I knew was prolly just laying around in his garage, so on a whim I called him and asked what he wanted for it. I'd use it if I liked it (and sell #1) or clean it up and stick it on Craig's list if I didn't. I didn't like it at all, but since it had a large seat, I took it to Iron Ridge for some of the larger SCA riders to use. I had a few nibbles from people wanting to buy it, but none ever went through and it's still at the farm. I don't have any photos of it.

4. When I bought #3, Poco's previous owner also tossed in this adorable Mexican child's saddle. You can't tell from the photo how small it is, but the seat is barely 12". It is also an inexpensive saddle, and I'm currently waging conditioning war with the leather. No telling how long this was on his garage floor. This will be my grandson's saddle, when he's ready.

5. And this is the vintage western saddle I found at the yard sale. It is coming along nicely. I'm into my third liter of conditioner. Go here to see what it looked like when I got it. I don't like metal stirrups, but I have plenty of time to change them out before Daltrey is ready.

SO ... I cleaned up #1 with the intent of putting it on Craig's list, but Kris, who has ridden in that saddle countless times, bought it so she'd have a spare. I threw in the pad that came with it and the wooden stand that came with #5. One down.

Somewhere along the line, #3 (the Aussie) turned up minus a stirrup and leather, so I need to either bring it home from the farm, clean it up, replace the parts and stick on Craig's list — or — replace the parts and see if Heather wants to sell it and just put whatever she gets toward board for the Boyz. Either way, I want it gone.

I also gave Kris a couple headstalls (both of which were given to me) that I never use and that don't fit Daltrey's drafty head now, much less when he's grown. My goal is to be down to 2 complete sets of tack plus the kiddie saddle. We'll see how that works. Who can resist the siren song and luscious smell of tack stores?


Sarah said...

Ha! And then there's me, who owns a saddle, girth, and six or seven saddle pads... and no horse!

But seriously - the saddles you're keeping are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I like riding in a barrel saddle too. Funny how we buildup a saddle collection. They are lovely!

I have four saddles and two horses, technically Lily has 3 saddles, one for each of her three riders. Crazy.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I hear ya. I had 2 saddles f.o.r.e.v.e.r. My cutting saddle, which has been with me for 20 years and various barrel saddles until I got my Ammerman 10 years ago.

These last couple of years the saddle have multiplied exponentially.

I am going to sell my old Billy Cook cutting saddle, which is way to big for my butt these days (it's a 16") and my Sharon Camarillo barrel saddle (which barely fits any of my horses). I was going to sell another barrel saddle I had picked up cheap, but it's the only one I have that fits Moon. So I think I am going to have it stripped and have a saddle maker build a new saddle on that tree this winter.

Other than that, everything else is staying. I use them all.

Jeni said...

Ha! Good luck with that!!! Let's see

I have my Wintec All Purpose English Saddle I use with Rosie.
New Roper I just bought for Bonnie.
Older Roper - big seat - husband uses it even though it doesn't fit Rosie very well.
Aussie Saddle - used it once - someone at the boarding barn "borrowed without asking" and lost the girth!
OLD English All purpose/jump saddle - sound but ugly.

I'd love to sell the old roper and old AP - but only if the aussie fits my husband. No girth = can't try it.

Have fun!

Pinzgauer said...

Oh wow, the change in the old (er, newest?) saddle is LOVELY. Then again, I really do like that dark leather.

I also have a brow band that Daltrey is inheriting once he's riding. It matches his eyes. Your saddle's leather now matches it!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Fall cleaning time, I guess. I was pulling every horse blanket I could find out of my spa and hanging them on fences to determine if they could ever be used again. Those that were shredded were shredded further for parts, and then deposited in the trash. When all was said and done, I had 2 purple blankets for Lostine, one burgundy blanket for Gabbrielle, and a ridiculously heavy green flannel blanket for Bombay. I decided to order a lighter weight one for him just in case we have a warmer winter. We horse people do tend to pile up the tack.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Some ladies have lots of shoes; you have lots of saddles. Your conditioning treatments are paying off; they all look very nice.

Dreaming said...

Tack multiplies... I have buckets of harness parts: I have harness parts sitting behind me on the floor. I have parts in the trailer tack room. I have some in the garage and found more in the loft of the barn just before we moved.
I have one butt, two horses and four saddles. That doesn't compute! Oh wait... I only have three saddles! I sold one! OK... 1, 2, 3... that is at least some sort of sequence!!

whirlwinddals said...

I have three saddles and one horse, and I've only had my horse a year. Hmmm........

Crystal said...

Funny how everyone has the same problem! I have 8 horses and 4 saddles. Of course I only use my cutting saddle and my ranch saddle. But I could use my english saddle and I should just sell the other old trail saddle.

Leah Fry said...

I also want to get a vertical saddle rack rather than individual stands. No barn means keeping my tack inside which is good for the tack and makes that bedroom smell great — well, to me, anyway — but it does take up more room than it needs to. I don't like having to stack them.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I have five or six?? saddles and usually ride bareback. lol. Maybe I should do a post about my saddles, if you don't mind me copying you.

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