Friday, May 22, 2009

Faces at the Farm


Rico was my shadow

She has one brown eye and one blue eye

Boo, Jaz's brother
BTW, that's not some funky skin condition, just mud

Cayenne, a hand-raised orphan QH filly


Dee, Jason's mare


Nita's replacement for her aging mare Keeley


Maggie, guardian of the herd

Me, me! Don't forget me! (Rico)



Phoenix and Nox


My turn again! You know you love me!
Can you believe how big Rico is already?


Maria said...

Oh... Your horses are beautiful! What sweet faces... Great post~
I've always wanted horses... One of my dear high school friends grew up on a dairy farm (central NY) and we spent so many summer days horseback riding. It seems like another lifetime ago...

The photo in my Calm-Energy blog title is from Seneca Lake... My husband and I went to Geneva on our 25 wedding anniversary. (wow that was 7 yrs ago!) I took this picture because we sat in those chairs for hours and enjoyed the calmness of the lake. When I see that picture, it makes me relax :)
It's a gorgeous day today! Hope the weekend weather is just this nice!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a gret collection of faces and spotted butts.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's a good looking crowd.

Esther Garvi said...

They're beautiful! And those little ones grow SO quickly, it's amazing!!

AareneX said...

They are ALL lovely!

What possessed you to name somebody "Crash", though? I would think that would be like naming a boat "Titanic" (which simply is Not Done, obviously....) so I'll bet there's a good story behind the name? Yes?

Paint Girl said...

Love them all! But I really love the black and white, Fido! Cool markings!
And the little one, has gotten not so little!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Lovely group, and tell Rico, he got a compliment from me - he is just darling.

Leah Fry said...

Calm Energy, I got my first horse at age 54, so it's never too late to live your dreams. I did not grow up around horses, so I was a true ground-zero beginner. Thank God I found my friends — online, no less!

Aarene, all horses except Poco & Jaz belong to my friends Heather and Nita, but I am lucky enough to get to interact with them. Crash got his name by almost immediately bucking and leaping in the stall. He was on his feet and rarin' to go in minutes. He kept crashing into the sides of the stall and his mother. Given that barn name, and his mother's blood bay color, I came up with his registered name: Little Red Corvette. Of course, he's an Appy, so you never know what he may turn into.

Blackfeather, Rico's full big brother Scorch is already a looker at age 2. He has the size of his draft dam and the refinement of his fewspot Appy sire. What I'm saying is that his build isn't drafty; he's tall, with some substance, but not heavy. And he's already just as sweet and gregarious as Scorch was when he was little.

I'm such a sucker for spots!!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Leah--You are lucky you have so many horses to enjoy, and that you have your own too! How many of those horses (other than the babes) get actively ridden? I really thought Jason's horse is beautiful! Yay to pics of horsefaces!!! Thanks!

Jo said...

Oh, those are WONDERFUL...! I felt as if I could step right into the pictures and pet them. I love Rico and Fido.

You have a love place there.

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