Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mudders Day

I stole that title from Lisa over at Laughing Orca.
It was too fitting not to use it.

Rain and more rain!
My round pen drains really well,
but this is standing water.

This grass is knee high.
The shorter, finer grass (lower left) is the annual rye.
The tall stuff is common Bermuda and Johnson grass.

Rotten little ratweasel dog (Cindi).

This is part of our sacrifice area.
I'm standing on the slab just outside my laundry room door.
This is where the Boyz like to hang out.
The grain locker sits on the slab.
Although I slept through it,
the wind blew so hard Friday night,
it moved the grain locker about a foot!
Granted, there's not much in it right now, but still!

It was a gray day when I left for the barn yesterday.
No sooner had I arrived, when the sky opened up yet again.
That's why the background outside the stalls is blurry.
That's the arena back there, or should I say,
the temporary swimming pool.
It rained so hard, I thought it was hail on the roof.
I had to wait for the thunder to stop to pick feet.

The barn is old, with dirt floors. There is usually straw, but all
area suppliers are unable to get it due to wildfires.
They use hay for some of the horses,
but my two fatties don't need anything else to eat!
Poco is at a pretty good weight right now.
You can feel ribs, but not see them. He's still a tank.
Jaz still needs to lose some.

This is Spot (Rohrschachs Spots), Heather's fewspot Appy stallion,
sire to all the beautiful youngsters whose photos
I've shared, including Noxie and Crash, Rico, Scorch and Tori.
He passes his white-tipped ears, beautiful hip,
and sweet disposition to all his kids.
All his foals are super social from the day they're born.

Mike has had to mow certain areas of the property, but he
had wanted me to bring the Boyz back if only for long enough
to "mow" the rest of it, rather than waste good grazing.
Poco and Jaz are still on their slimming regimen, and I am
seriously considering buying some grazing muzzles to
help keep them from putting it all back on when they return.
Heather has a couple who could stand some more weight,
so we may host a few of hers for a short while.
We don't want to leave them on the land for too
long with the rye still being so delicate, but this
is a win-win. I think we're going to have three-year olds
Amber and Oops, and maybe one of the yearlings.
I'm excited!


Paint Girl said...

It won't stop raining there, will it? We just got a break from the rain for a couple days than it goes back to rain the rest of the week!
Your grass is getting very tall!

Pony Girl said...

Great pictures of your barn area. I hope your rain stops soon....although it does help that grass grow, eh? We finally had a break this weekend, but I didn't get much riding in.
p.s. Spot is very handsome! Unique markings!

Leah Fry said...

Heather can rattle off Spot's genetic makeup all day long. Homozygous this, repressed gene for that, blah blah. All I know is, being a fewspot, he's not all that flashy himself, but his babies are beautiful.

Esther Garvi said...

We had rain, but no green grass for months to come. That knee high looks like an equine feast!!

Unknown said...

Those were great pictures glad the ponies will get some nice fresh grass however briefly - fun!

May I ask what the dog did to be called....what was it...rotten little ratweasel dog? LOL!

lytha said...

Cool looking stalls, very airy in there and bright.

Rain, fires, no arena, no straw. Odd!


Leah Fry said...

Lytha, let's just say it's been a typical Texas spring. The ongoing drought made it that much more interesting and unpredictable.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Mudders day is right. Can you spare some of that rain for us here? Our spindly grass is so dry it's starting to shatter. gah! Dry and dusty just waiting for our summer monsoons.
We had a really dry winter, not much snow, and only rain twice in 6months. Did I mention how dry it is here? Two words for this summer: "Fire Danger"!

Your horses are gonna love coming back home to all that lush grass. And they'll probably have enough grass to share, if they don't mind. lol!

That appy is tall! Is he polite and gentle, too?


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