Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Saturday Ahead

This has been the Week That Wouldn't End! I didn't think Friday was ever going to get here! While I like my job well enough — and am grateful to have it — the older I get, the more I need down time, both physically and mentally.

My rodeo injury is still with me, but doesn't yet concern me. I can still see bruising on the outside, so it's logical to assume there's still bruising on the inside. Even if I did chip a bone or something, there's not really anything they can do. And the only thing that hurts is walking. I can twist it, turn it, bend it in any direction, but I still limp when I walk. Patience ...

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm trailering the Boyz to their overdue annual vet visit. The Boyz trailer easily, and the vet is only a little over a mile away, so why not pocket the $60-$65 he gets for a farm call? Mike works nights and will not be home in time to help, so I had asked Nita if she'd come, but she will be out of town. Heather, so NOT a morning person, graciously said she'd accompany me. I can do it myself, but we all know the value of an extra set of experienced hands, just in case.

After that, I may be headed to pick up a new resident for Casa Fry. Friends who live about 2 hours away are active in their community, including their local animal shelter. He posted a pic on his Facebook page of an adorable little dog up for adoption that could be Cindi's younger (thinner!) sister. Like Cindi, she appears to be a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. We don't need another dang dog, but I'm going to call them after the vet appointment, and if she has not been adopted, I'll head down to see her. As I told the shelter folks, the only real deal breaker for us is if she's a digger, which many JRTs are; it's what they've been bred to do. In our neck of the woods, a loose little dog is pretty much a dead little dog. If she opts to tunnel under the fence, she'll either be roadkill or coyote/bobcat bait.

Cindi and Chula are at the age (about 12) that it's time to bring in another dog, so the remaining one will not be alone when the first one passes. There's not much sadder than watching a pet pine for a friend who's not coming back. Both dogs are still active and healthy, but are showing the occasional sign of slowing down.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy and expensive day, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.


Unknown said...

Good luck with the vet appointment! And I am glad everything still seems to be healing - it will mostly likely take awhile long yet. But it's a good sign if you still ok by now.

Paint Girl said...

It does take a long time to heal. I think I hurt for weeks after my fall off of Fritzy. Besides my constant neck pain! Hope you are feeling better soon.
That is pretty cool your vet is only a mile away, I'd trailer my horses too!
I hope you adopt that dog! We did the same thing, we brought in a puppy (Bailey) 3 yrs ago, when we still had our older 11 yr old dogs. We thought we'd only be putting one down, but due to a knee blowout in one and the other one's health deteriorating so quickly, we had to put them down together. Very sad times.

Leah Fry said...

I'm not at all concerned with how long it's taking. I was freakin' airborne and I ate dirt when I hit the ground. It's natural (for me, anyway) to assume it's going to take a 57 yr. old woman some time to heal.

Animals seem to come into our lives at just the perfect time, so I think that's why even practical Mr. Fry isn't fighting the potential adoption. As long as she's adopted by someone, I'm okay with it.

And PG, those do indeed sound like very sad times. And now you have two again! Maybe three? That Schnauzer is precious.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! New 4-legged pal. How wonderful! I hope it works out for everyone involved.
I've been wanting a pooch of my own for some time now. A small lapdog of sorts, since my little pom/papillion passed on over 10 years ago. Maybe you'll inspire me to keep a look out for a new pooch for my own?

Yes, good idea about the extra hands. If I had had one when I was preparing to deworm my mare, maybe I wouldn't have been injured?

I sure hope you heal quickly and it's nothing serious. Even a bone bruise and compound fractures are painful...I can vouch for that! hah!

Take Care,

Esther Garvi said...

How exciting! A possible newcomer!!! Looking forward to hearing the update!

Anonymous said...


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