Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fillies — Day 21

Twenty-one days ago, I brought home 2 of Heather's fillies — 2.5-year old Appaloosa Vera (The Horse Formerly Known As Oops) and 3-year old Champagne Quarter Horse Amber (Cristal Lynx) — for some spoilin'.

For those who have been absent, Poco and Jaz have been at Heather's since
Jaz's abscess in March. At the time, Heather and Nita were on foal watch, and kindly offered to care for Jaz, since I don't have a barn. Rather than bring back a buddy for Poco, we sent them both to allow our drought-ravaged land to rest. Praise God for all the rain we've had! The annual rye we sowed took hold and took off. Mike said to bring ponies or he'd have to mow. Poco and Jaz are finally back to a good weight, and we're not ones to waste good grazing, so we brought the gawky fillies. Between the grazing and big buckets of grain and BOSS, they are looking pretty good.

Vera and Amber on their first full day here.
I believe horses do well here because there's not the
stress of being part of a large herd.

Amber — Day 21
The first week or so, she filled out.
After that, she got ribby again and shot up.

Amber Day 21
I love a nice round pony butt.

Vera — Day 21
She filled out until about 4-5 days ago.
Now I can see her ribs and
suspect she's getting taller as well.

Vera — Day 21
Spotted butts make me weak.
Isn't she lovely?

Vera is beautiful, smart, and the haughtiest little girl you ever want to meet. She reminds me of Poco on estrogen. As the Boss Mare of this microcosmic herd, I'm actively managing the dynamic, as always. I protect Amber while she eats, which I also do for Jaz. Vera pins her ears and rears at Amber to run her off both pans of food, unless they are spaced well apart. Even then, Vera will greedily eat all hers, and take whatever's left of Amber's. When I bathed and pampered Amber for the second time last week (seborrhea), Vera hung out next to Amber and let me hose her down without being tied. She likes the attention; she thinks she should have all of it. Sounds like a certain fat-assed Appy gelding I know with a sense of entitlement, but even he's never that aggressive toward Jaz.

I miss the Boyz terribly, and my plan is to take the Gurlz back and bring the Boyz home next weekend, providing the weather cooperates. I need to buy some grazing muzzles to control the Boyz' weight. I'll let them gorge themselves for a few days when they get back, but then I need to begin active management.

And it's almost warm enough to plant our Bermuda grass! The annual rye is dying back because of the heat, but it will help hold the Bermuda seed in place until it gets established. Mike bought 3 of the smaller size round bales that are stored in the round pen, so we should be set for awhile.

I've already smooched my ponies earlier today, and will rest my hip for the remainder of the weekend. Have fun out there and be safe.


Laura said...

Those girls sure are cute! Sounds like a good deal for you - you get two cute ponies to take care of while yours are at the other place.

Hope your bermuda grass does well - it's important stuff for us horse people!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I'm sure both of those girls appreciated having their own space, full feed and all the attention you have given them.

But I bet your boys will be glad to get home too.

Glad to hear your healing okay. That sounded like quite the wreck.

Mrs. Mom said...

Oh leah, I LOOOVE the spotted hiney there!!!!! She is tooo cute!!

Looks like you have done a great job spoiling the dickens out of them.

Read about your fall too, and didnt have the chance to comment... Holy cow Leah, take care. But sure am happy that you are healing up well there. Thinking of you and hoping you can be back in the saddle soon!

Leah Fry said...

I SO miss my Boyz. I don't think I can wait anymore, and will bring htem home next weekend. They are both at great weights right now. You can feel but not see ribs. I've been riding Poco and Nita has been riding Jaz a couple times a week, so they're getting a little muscle back.

My hip is doing really well. I'm thinking another week, maybe two and I'll be okay to ride, but I will not rush it. That would only make it hang on for longer and will work well with bringing the Boyz home next week. It always takes them a couple weeks (Poco even longer) to settle back in. I know they're ready to come home.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad to hear you're still taking it easy, but also feeling better.
Lucky you with all that grass. We only get grass growth once a year when the monsoons come in July or August. All that gorgeous green pony food is making me green with envy. hehe!


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