Saturday, October 8, 2011

Showing Our Appreciation

I've said it many times and I'll say it once more: without Heather and her family, the good folks at Iron Ridge Sport Horses, I'd have prolly ended up dead in a ditch somewhere long ago. They have taught me everything I know and continue to teach, encourage and support not only me, but our whole group of Pony Party Pals.

Today was a day set aside to show our appreciation by having a BBQ on their behalf. Burgers, dogs, chips and soft drinks were provided, and everyone brought something or other to share. There was a great dip, dump cake, beer, and I made brownies.

And everyone came bearing gifts: buckets, hardware, vet wrap, halters, shampoo, conditioner, fly spray, brushes, dewormers, cookies, alfalfa cubes, Gatorade, etc. The most awesome gift: arena lights so we can ride at night!

 Watching a minor drama unfold in the arena
 Casey & Z (My D Zire — The Polecat x OK My D Lindy)
Z threw a tantrum. Casey showed him the error of his ways.
 Steph and the beautiful Godiva

Even some horse hubbies showed up, including Mr. Fry. Met some nice new people, saw some folks I haven't seen in about a year, rode Jazu, played with Daltrey, had the requisite moments of pony drama (none of which involved me or my horses), ate, drank, laughed, and of course, told lies. In other words, pretty much a perfect day.


Crystal said...

Aww makes me wish for winter so I can go hang around my barn pals.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Wonderful day! SO nice to spend time with good friends and horses. I am sure Heather appreciates all you do for her as well

Unknown said...

What a great time! You're going to love riding at night, it's a blast!

Jeni said...

That is just so awesome!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a wonderful horse community you all share.
Sounds like a fabulous day!


Pinzgauer said...

I can't say thank you enough to the people who put this on for us. I was out of my element a bit though. Every time I asked what I needed to do, they said "nothing, just sit back and enjoy". Ahhhhh! =)

But this was so much fun. I loved all the presents, and the horses are currently loving them as well.

You know, I can't thank my friends enough, and I am so humbled that they appreciate the little things I do! When I started in horses, some one else helped me, and I promised to pay it forward. So I have. And so I hope will every horse person I know - it's our way as horse people, isn't it?

And I have to say, Leah is one of my rocks. She's always there if I need something. From the loan of a trailer (which happens a lot) to a nice sane person to ride with. I can't even count the number of times I get so zoned about doing BUSINESS and she reminds me that horses are FUN. "Are you going to ride or WHAT?" is the phrase that I love to hear from her.

And someone bought me arena lights! I can't even tell you how dumb founded I am about that (and happy, and excited!). This means that we'll all be able to enjoy the winters after work!

Maybe next year, we'll have to do a "friends of the farm" appreciation day. =) Y'all definitely deserve it!

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