Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Break 2012

The weather is glorious. We are grateful for enough rain to bring the Boyz home, at least for a week or so. Heather and Jae brought them Friday afternoon (March 2). Much beer and a little pizza celebrated the occasion. Needless to say, the Boyz have barely raised their heads, and have been sleepy ponies with green lips. Daltrey also gets a whole scoop of feed, Jaz gets 1/2 scoop twice a day. They eat it, but very slowly because they are so stuffed with grass.

Daltrey has a snotty nose and is coughing, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. I've got the stethoscope and the thermometer at hand in case he takes a turn.

I so love their personalities when they're here. Both are super sweet and affectionate. I walk weekdays from 5-5:30 AM up and down the (300 ft.) driveway. I look forward to having company.

Combination spa and patience lessons Sunday morning.
You can see how windy it is by Jaz's tail.

 My beautiful, beautiful boy gets sweeter by the day.

My darling Jazu.
I can't even tell you how precious he is.

The very light that is so pleasant for us to be in
makes for lousy photos.

I decided to try the vintage western saddle on Jaz for our ride down the road. Oh. My. Gosh. Fits him beautifully. Fits my bum like it was made for me. It's a tad smaller in the seat than my barrel saddle. It would be perfect except the fenders/stirrup leathers still haven't been conditioned into submission. I'll be attacking those more earnestly. I'll also look for new stirrups to replace the metal ones.

Jaz and I had a great ride. We had a few surprises – new dogs, several people on those zero-radius spinning mower thingies, a flapping piece of plastic contractor tape – but we did okay. I sat out a spook that might have unseated me at one time. And I sure wish people would have the common sense and/or common courtesy to slow down instead of blowing past us like they do. I still don't get why other people don't get it.

I'm hoping the grass holds out until next weekend. I'm so enjoying having my horses at home.

I hope you all had as fantastic a weekend as I have had. What's new?


Jeni said...

Glad to see the boyz home, even if it is a short period of time.

Unknown said...

It's beenn chamber of commerce weather here too. Wish I could ride everyday.

Glad the boyz are home!

davsgirl said...

Yay! So happy they're's to hoping the grass holds out for you. :)
I'd like to request more pics of Daltrey so we can see how he's grown!

Crystal said...

Wow how exciting! Glad they are home and hope the grass lasts a long time for you.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

so nice to see tham home , I bet you love it!

Kitty said...

lovely photos! I had a rock star weekend with my little mare. I drove her (inside) for the first time in a few weeks. The arena where I board gets SO busy. But the temps dropped enough to keep the sissies at bay. She had a blast - even giving some "i'm having so much fun" bucks. Which I stopped. Because I don't want her to break the cart!

Loving that spring is on the way!

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