Friday, September 12, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

I had to stop and take this photo, standing on the running board of my truck, on my way home from Heather's. This is the calm before Ike hits tomorrow. Isn't that crazy? We're 400 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico and they're calling for sustained winds of 40 mph, with gusts of 55-60 mph, and 6" of rain! This is one BIG ASS storm! I wanted to make the trip to Heather's to see my Boyz, because the whole weekend is supposed to be a mess, and I don't know when I will have the chance to see them again.

When I got there, Heather and Jason were gone and Nita greeted me with the news that one of my favorite of Heather's horses had colicked and had to be euthanized. The vet said she wouldn't have made it through the surgery. Trouble (OK Peppy Page) was a rescue. From what I hear, she was dangerous and pretty crazy when they first got her. When I first started hanging out with the herd, they warned me to stay in front of her shoulder. As time passed, she became downright sweet. I thought she was beautiful and I was looking forward to seeing the 2009 foal she was carrying by Heather's fewspot stallion. She wasn't my horse, but I'll miss her.

Life goes on. We wrangled weanlings to put them in the barn before the winds pick up and Ike gets here. Most of the older ones are fine because they get a lot of socialization, but a couple of the later arrivals didn't quite grasp the concept. It was quite a show. Thankfully, both of the ones I led were pretty good.

With Heather's permission, I took some pix of Crash, which was no easy task, since he's one of the aforementioned that didn't quite grasp the concept. We got him haltered before I took the pix, and I'm sure he thought we were going to something else awful to him with that gray box that clicked and whirred as I held it in front of my face. I took a lot of pix, but I don't know how good they are and don't feel like messing with them right now.

Now, it's a couple glasses of Llano Texas Signature Red and some sushi!


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing spots! I think that i could use a beverage, also! Oh, wait, that pony is covered in spots - i will need many beverages. What a cute youngster - spots and all.

cdncowgirl said...

I'm so sorry for Heather's loss :(

Hope you guys weather the storm okay!

Anonymous said...

I had to come over to visit you here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved your comment, "all good plans are hatched while gently bathed in tequila!" You are my kind of people! What we found at this watering hole is blackberry margaritas! and oh! oh! oh! they go down very nicely. next time we are there, i will have one in your honor..maybe two!

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