Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crash (Little Red Corvette)

No, I didn't just total my sports car. Little Red Corvette (Rohrschachs Spots [fewspot Appy] x Lira [TB/Arabian]), barn name Crash, is one of Heather's weanlings that has really caught my eye. Normally, I am attracted to heavier-boned horses, but this little guy is such a looker, and check out the chrome!

Disclaimer: These photos were taken last night, as we hastily haltered the babies to get them in the barn before Ike's arrival. Crash has not been as socialized as some of the older weanlings, so he was doubly leery of me. It was hard getting decent shots because every time I tried to get in close, he'd start moving. The other babies didn't help, nor did their watchful babysitters, the OTTBs, Titan and Diesel. These aren't great pix, but hopefully you will be able to see some of what I see in him

Look at that sweet little head and those lovely long legs!

This is the best shot I could get of Crash's head, believe it or not! I wish you could see his "eyeliner." That lovely girl in front of him is Velvet Equinox (Rohrschachs Spots x Empress Black Velvet). Noxie is more the type build I usually like. She's built like her daddy -- great butt, eh?

Yup, he definitely has Appy characteristics. He's got his daddy's hip and shoulder, but those legs and his color (he will be a blood bay) are from Lira, who is just stunning. If he looks like he's standing on a hill, it's because he is.

Crash will be a gelding, and he is for sale. I wish my land would support another one, but it won't. Besides, the long-suffering Mr. Fry might go postal if I brought another one home. But a girl can dream.


Anonymous said...

These kids are gorgeous! I would take every one of them, if i could. I'm kind of partial to spots.

Leah Fry said...

If they all have the temperament of their dams, they will be good horses. If they are more like their sire, they will be GREAT horses.

Chelsi said...

He won me over at the ears. I love the little arab tips to them. :)

sidetracked said...

I noticed the ears too and just too cute.

Tuffy Horse said...

He looks almost as cute as me!
I am partial to appaloosa and ara crosses!

Tuffy Horse

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