Thursday, September 25, 2008

Delayed Homecoming

I headed directly to Heather's from work, after having changed my clothes at the office. Some kind person in the restroom told me I had something on my shirt. I looked down, smiled and said, "Horse slobber. I'm headed back out there now to get some more to match it." The response was a look that said, "Ewww."

I was excited to see how Poco liked his new bit, pictured at left. Let me assure you, the chain has been permanently removed. I was never interested in the chain as a feature, just the bit itself. And Poco seems to like it. It certainly fits him better than anything I've ever tried on him in the past. I didn't ride yesterday; I just led him out of the pen, did a few circles and such, and allowed him to graze. I can't wait to ride him again. Maybe Sunday.

Hard to believe the horses have been there for 30 days already. Originally, the plan was to pick them up this weekend, so this trip was to start packing up tack and supplies, and to give Heather their Parelli tickets for Saturday in Fort Worth. After discussing it with Heather and Mr. Fry, we decided to leave Poco and Jaz there until the next rain, since we have had only .6" of rain since we threw seed and fertilizer a month ago. There's nothing in the long-term forecast for the next 7 days, at least.

I really miss having them home. I miss being able to look out the window and see them, or run out and give them a hug, or better still, jump on and head down the road or work in my round pen. On the other hand, I enjoy hanging out with the people and the horses at Heather's. There's always the opportunity to ride different horses, and to keep company with like minded-people. My round pen is 60', hers is 110', which is good for riding (not so much for ground work). I love working in her arena. One thing I won't miss: the dust out there! I wouldn't say I'm anal about it, but I try to be conscientious about caring for my tack. I have 2 good headstalls and a cheap saddle, but I try to take care of all of it the best I can. Since I don't have a barn, my tack is kept in the house, so is always super clean. Oh well, cleaning tack builds character, right?

Tomorrow is the Parelli's in Ft. Worth and I'm looking forward to that. Looks like there will be 6 of us in 2 cars, in case some want to bail early (read that: men). This really fun band we like is playing at a really fun club in Ft. Worth, but I doubt we'll make it that late. Whether or not I make it to Heather's on Sunday is up in the air also. Since I won't have tomorrow to do any laundry, etc., I may have to bite the bullet and TCB.

Or procrastinate until next week.

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