Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If I Had A Boat

"If I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean
And if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat.
And we could all together, go out on the ocean
Me upon my pony on my boat
-- Lyle Lovett "If I Had A Boat"

Those who have been reading this blog since the beginning may remember that part of my job requires travel five non-consecutive weeks in the year. It used to be a lot of fun and excitement, but I'm afraid it's gotten really old. I have accepted a new position within my department, yet it seems my other job will not go away anytime soon. And so I found myself -- against my will -- on a cruise this past weekend out of Miami with ports of call in Key West, Coco Cay, and Nassau. This was a planning visit prior to the real deal next April. I realize I probably stand very little chance of garnering sympathy, but you'll have to trust me that work is work, regardless of the view out your porthole. I really just wanted to be home with Mr. Fry and the Boyz. Don't get me wrong: I LOVE cruising. But this was work, not a vacation, and it's not much fun when corporate travel policy dictates your main squeeze is not allowed to go.

This cruise was aboard Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas, a small to mid size ship that was very clean and well maintained. Of course, the service and the food were fabulous -- good lord, I need to diet so badly and can't seem to get motivated.

Here are some pix.
This is an upgraded cabin (stateroom). It was still pretty teeny.
I can't imagine what a standard cabin looks like.

A glimpse of Miami from my cabin window.
At least I knew where the lifeboats were.

View of the ship from the ferry to Coco Cay.

The ship from Coco Cay, a private island owned by the cruise line.

Rocks off Coco Cay.

I just love the towel critters.

The buttons of the "shirt" are chocolates.

I didn't even get off the ship in Nassau. I had work to do, and I've been to Nassau a couple times before. The only reason I got off in Coco Cay is so I could write with authority about the venue to our agents who will be attending the conventions next year.

As soon as I got home, those bratty horses lined themselves up by the grain locker. Ahh, it's the Bucket Woman. It must be time to eat!

I got home yesterday, but worked from home today, since I'm still listing around like a drunken sailor. I feel like I'm still moving.

This weekend, I am looking forward to spending some time with my woolly bears. I may take Jaz to the Heavenly Church of the Divine Walkabout on Sunday morning. If I work Poco at all, it will be basics in the round pen. It seems to take him a lot of time to readjust to the program when he's been away for awhile.

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cdncowgirl said...

Hi Leah, I am passing on a book tag to you. For the rules check out my blog and the post "Tag I'm 'it'"

Hope you enjoy "church" this weekend ;)

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