Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spa Day

Take a really good look at these photos,
because it's not often you'll see these horses this clean.
And it doesn't last very long.

Why, that's almost a pretty grey horse!

The only time his mane doesn't stick out in every direction is when it's wet and gooped up with conditioner. As soon as he shakes, it will pouf back out and he'll look like my Wildman Rockstar.

I kept them tied to allow them to dry. It builds character,
while allowing me my "15 minutes of clean."
I knew the second I turned them loose, they'd drop and roll.

Everything is better when your buddy is beside you.

Still a nice, clean, white pony.

Already rolled in the dirt.


Train Wreck said...

Hi, I came over from BEC. I read you had a Dobie! I had one several years ago, she was the best dog, I love them. I spent as much on her as you spent on yours. She got parvo.She pulled through, and you can bet all my dogs get their shots as needed!

lytha said...

your "15 minutes of clean" *ROTFL*

that is so awesome. i feel your pain, having a white horse. next horse will be dirt colored, i swear it!

~lytha in germany

Anonymous said...

OOOh! Look how sparkly! What did you look like after all of the washing and scrubbing? I usually look as bad as the horse did before i started.

Leah Fry said...

Welcome TW! Mr. Fry and I have singly and together had Dobermans for over 25 years. Great dogs. This one is dumber than a box of doorknobs, but she has a big heart.

Welcome, Lytha! It's a good thing we'll still have plenty of good weather. They are already just as grimy as they were before. Jaz looks even worse because I put greasy M-T-G in his mane and tail, so now he's dirty AND greasy.

Cuz K, It's true -- I looked BAD. Mr. Fry wrinkled his nose and said I smelled like horses. Yuh, like that's a BAD thing! I've waited my whole life for this!

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