Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Day at the Farm

You've heard me talk about how big O is.
See for yourself.
I'm about 5'4".

Sugarbush Harleys Classic O

Sugarbush Harley Quinn (1999-2006), O's sire.
Harley was 7/8 Percheron and the primary sire
for the Sugarbush-Stonewall breeding program.
O is the last known standing stallion in the line.

I reported in a previous post that Harley
was struck by lightning and killed.
I must have confused him with
another horse I heard of.
Harley died of an infection
from an injury.

Head and neck remind you of a certain
bay roan gelding we know?

I was standing on the fence rung
that is even with his withers.
Broad as a barge, just like Poco.
Moves just like him, too.

I love the way his spots
stand up, like they're embossed.

I had hoped to be able to use clippers
to finish the hack job Heather and

I did on his mane with scissors.

It might take a few more tries.

His mane is so thick,
the clippers sound like you
ran over a baseball with the lawn mower.

Those 2 light horses on the right playing
the bite-the-face game
are Jaz and Zire (Rorschachs My D Zire).

Although he played for a short while,
Jaz did not have a good day.
He acted like he was trying to colic again.
Dr. E said he might be uncomfortable
as he tries to pass the worms.
We are not out of the woods with him yet.

Spot (Rohrschachs Spots) is Heather's fewspot
Appy stallion
, sire to most of the
colorful youngsters I've shown you.
He reproduced himself in Zire, who will replace him.

He is also Scorch & Rico's (below) sire.

Remember Rico, Scorch's full brother?
See here and here.
This photo was taken from O's pen,
which is 6-8" lower.
He's standing with his front feet
on the downward slope.
He's as tall as 2-year-old Zire.

Heather says he'll be a gelding
Scorch's conformation and movement are better.
Although he didn't get the color himself,
Scorch should throw color.

She wants to wait to geld Rico,
because she's
afraid that if she gelds him now,
he'll end up being over 17hh.
Not too many people want a riding horse that big.
He has Scorch's sweet, affectionate disposition.

Lisa, this one's for you.


AareneX said...

All those lovely spots! And oh, such a big fella. I admire tall horses although I don't want one myself; we call Fiddle "Gigantor" and she's just 15.3!

I rode an appy mare who had the same "embossed" effect, especially during shedding season: her body hair was significantly shorter than the blanket hair, which was by turn shorter than the spots on the blanket. You could "braille read" her coat.

I'm keeping Jaz (and the rest of y'all) in my thoughts this week. Feel better, big guy.

And...nice chicken.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Love those appys. O is one big boy! Jack's spots look embossed also, interesting.
I hope Jaz gets to feeling better soon

Mrs. Mom said...

Spots! SPOTS!!! SPOTS!!! Wow!! Love it!! What a great spot-fix for my day Leah. Thank you (and Heather!) for putting up so many beautiful shots of some wicked nice spotted critters!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, big, horses with spots! How fun - they're delightful! Hope Jaz feels better!

Unknown said...

Wow! That's a long way up!

We don't have any Appaloosas among our herd or friends' horses. It's always fun to see them online.

So is that your chicken? Or one at Appy Central?

Leah Fry said...

LOL, the chickens are at Appy Central.

Paint Girl said...

Now that is one big Appy!! Oh my! Would hate to try to ride that one!
Such beautiful spotted butts!
I hope Jaz is feeling better soon. I will keep you all in my thoughts!

Mrs. Mom said...

I forgot-- praying like crazy for Jaz still, and waiting to hear each day how he is doing! (And you too. I think I have an idea how you must be feeling about now...)

Rubs to your crew!

Michelle said...

Wow, he's a monster! Holy cow. I am loving all the Appy chrome today! Fun to see the crew. Hope Jaz is feeling better soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww...I'm honored that you thought of me when you took the photo of that pretty chicken. :)
I love those feathered feet and the black and white spangles. Looks like a Silver Laced Wyandotte mixed with something else.

O is one big puppy! And handsome at that. Lucky you being able to visit the farm and be around all those gorgeous horses and of course, have a safe place for Jaz to recuuperate, too.

I hope he can move past this illness soon. I'm sure you're very worried. We all are, Leah.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Beautiful, big, stout Appys. I'm sorry that Harley had such a short life; he was gorgeous. Hope Jaz is better.

Tammy Vasa said...

Sorry Jaz isn't up to par yet. Glad he is in good hands.

That horse is HUGE!! We have a 1/2 draft and she is only about 15.3, but like you said "wide as a barge". She has an awesome floaty trot that is wonderful to ride, but you just can't ride her comfortably for very long. Wish we had a notion to drive, but we don't. So she is our pasture pet and occasional trail horse. We ride her in the local parade or put the nieces and nephews on her when they come to visit. Guess that's how she earns her hay! :)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

AWESOME!!! I love big horses!! Tall and big are just my style LOL!! Love the spotted behind!!

I hope Jaz is feeling better...

Chelsi said...

WOW!!! That guy is HUGE!!! I've been following along with your posts on Jaz and keeping my fingers crossed that he regains 100% of his health. Will keep him in my thoughts. I'm sure he is going to be just fine.

phaedra96 said...

Harley is one gorgeous horse,now. He is my kind of boy! Hope Jaz is doing better now. Colic is so scary.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Hey Leah! Long time no is back up, thank the good Lord! YES! The kid is still a vegetarian! With his dad gone in Iraq, I thought perhaps he would lose some of his veg convictions, but he is steadfast as ever! I told him if he goes Vegan we're done. I just can't shop for that and he isn't old enough (or dedicated enough to survive) if he were to pursue it! Loved the spots....since we found out Shorty has terminal cancer (Linda's spotted appy, and my OTHER favorite horse) I have hired Karen McLain (also on my blog list) to paint an 11x14 of him for Linda for Christmas. Shorty is still holding strong....if you hear of any Spotted Apps in your neck come up for sale...tho' I don't even know if she would be interested, Shorty is a once-in-a lifetime horse, ya know?
Hope Jazz gets rid of the worms and on his way to a full recovery SOON, dang it!

cdncowgirl said...

Wow those big guys are gorgeous!! Not sure if you ever mentioned the purpose behind that breeding program... appies and percherons, who woulda thought?? lol

Kinda neat that his spots stand out like they're embossed. Our appy is a varnish roan. He has one big spot on his rump and in the winter the hair on it is shorter than on the white, so its a dip.

Leah Fry said...

cdn, Heather, my trainer and friend, has O because his owner is elderly and ill. Tigers, Stonewalls, and the Sugarbush lines are large sport horse types, usually with spots.

Leah Fry said...

Forgot to say: the Sugarbush horses were bred to be carriage horses by the Sugarbush Hitch Company in Ohio. Tiger horses were originally bred to be ridden while hunting. They were called Tiger not because they hunted tigers, but because there was no word for leopard, so any large marked cat was called a tiger, and the spotted horses were also called Tigers. Stonewalls are large, athletic horses used in dressage and eventing.

O'Man said...

I, as owner of Sugarbush Harley Quinne and his son Classic "O" and founder of The Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Registry do appreciate all of the above comments anout my horses. I am very proud of this breed. I am 73 years old and have had a heart attack plus bypass surgery but I am a pretty tough old bird and quite active. By the way the chicken is a Light Brahma, I have a flock.

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