Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sundry Sunday

At 4:30 a.m. one morning last week,
I awoke to a hard rain.
The dogs were in no hurry
to get out to do their business.

Much to my surprise,
by the time I left at 6:30,
this was my view as I
headed up the driveway.

This was snapped about 30 minutes later.

But it was all gone in about 3 hours,
and the rest of the day
showed no remnants of
the morning's freakish weather.

I headed to the farm yesterday
to visit Jaz and to see what
else was going on.
It was cold and windy.
I got down the road a few miles
and realized I forgot my boots,
which meant I had
to wear my Crocs —
not the warmest
or safest footwear.

Jaz was stalled,
wearing Nita's mare Keeley's blanket,
which is enormous on him.
I changed him out to
his own blanket and
noticed that in spite of the fact
that he felt warm,
he was trembling.

At first I thought he was shivering,
but it was ... different.
I mentioned it to Jason, and he said they
thought it was neurological,
a side effect of the strongyles.
It subsided after a few moments.

He still gets Bute every day.
When that doesn't ease his discomfort,
he gets a little Banamine.

More will be revealed when they
sonogram him again
the Monday after Christmas.

Although it was windy and cold,
it was a pretty, sunny day,
so after he stopped shaking,
I brought Jaz out and
hand grazed him for awhile.
Poor guy couldn't eat fast enough.

I had gloves, but they were
just wimpy knit ones.
I was frickin' freezing,
Mr. Bigglesworth!
Soon I couldn't feel my fingers
or my toes.

I left and swung by our local
Tractor Supply and bought these.
The leather is buttery soft
and they are lined with Thinsulate.

Today it's cold, gray,
and has been drizzling lightly.
Poco and Scorch seem perfectly content,
as they munch their hay
and pretend to graze.

It was a good day to stay inside,
make a nice pot

of turkey noodle soup ...

... and sit in front of the tube
with the Ratweasels at my feet ...

... and the Christmas tree
emitting a festive holiday glow.

Hope y'all have had a great weekend.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Your snow pictures look chillier than it is here. Hope Jaz keeps moving smoothly down his road to recovery.
I absolutely love the Christmas tree

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

*snort* I LOVE your Christmas Tree! Do you keep it up all year? 'Cause you really could. lol!

I sure hope Jaz pulls through this with no long term consequences and that his discomfort and pain is minimal, if at all. Poor guy. You're such a good horse Mom always being there to give him care and attention, though. I can't imagine how worried you must be. (((HUGS)))

Snow, eh? When we lived on the west side of these mountains, down in the valley, when it snowed, it would melt by noon. Up here, well, it snowed 3 days ago and the white stuff is still on the ground. Oh. And it's calling for more snow several times this week.

Yup. Winter is finally here.


Jeni said...

That's some really scary stuff with Jaz I hope he pulls through.

Mrs. Mom said...

Still keeping you, Jaz, and Poco in our prayers on this side Leah.

LOL at your Christmas "tree"!! Thats fantastic!!

Stay warm! Pack your back up boots, gloves, hat, etc etc in your car!!

cdncowgirl said...

I have those same gloves! LOVE them :)

Yikes, rain and then snow! How was the drive to work?

Give Jaz some scratches from up north and tell him to get better!

Unknown said...

That is pretty scary - trembling? Hope it turns out to be just a passing thing.

You asked where we live - we're out in the Canyon Lake area - South of Austin and North of San Antonio. Our weather has become more reasonable, at last. Back in the 50s. Which is good, because I couldn't look out that windshield of yours and not head right back inside!

Paint Girl said...

I hope the trembling isn't anything serious with Jaz!! Poor guy!
I absolutely love your Christmas tree! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
Looks like everyone is getting some really cold temps, so at least I am not the only one, although I am not getting any of that white stuff!!
Stay warm!!

Leah said...

Love your version of the Christmas Tree -- it is beautiful! Hope all goes well with Jaz...

jacksonsgrrl said...

OK Devoted Texan right there! I love seeing it at your house, but I could not do it! :) Everyone here in SA was freaking out over that little bit of snow, SURE we were going to get some. I just laughed and thought "Fools" to myself. HEE HEE! I can't help it, I am from Ohio and Pa where we get the real deal! Rumors don't phase me. Poor Jazz! I hope those nasty worms give him a break, and SOON! You are such a good mama! And I agree, Crocs and skimpy gloves would not do! I went out to ride yesterday in Thinsulate riding boots, Under Armor pants and shirt (from my military days), jeans, heavy socks, a wool sweater plus thinsulate gloves. All gear from living up North... Imagine my dismay when it turned out to be a 52-54 degree day once we started riding. I switched out the wool sweater for a Roper vest and the Thinsulate gloves for my regular riding gloves and had a ball...I DO SO HATE THE COLD, can't ya' tell? :) LOL....

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Love the gloves, the soup, the ratweasels, and the tree. Could do without the snow.

lytha said...

omgosh that christmas tree! *gasp* hilarious!

and i want some of that soup!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh the weather is going to be NO fun this winter!! I'm pouting about it LOL!! I think you'd better get yet another layer for when your out in that cold!! I can't tell you how many layers I put on when I go out!! And I too want some of that yummy lookin soup!

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds nasty! But I do love your creative Christmas tree! And that soup looks like it might hit the spot...mmmmm.

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