Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How the Richer Half Lives

My friend, Nita and her husband, Jim (Heather's parents) are house sitting. They invited us up for a cookout to celebrate her birthday. Mr. Fry was unable to go because of his crazy work schedule (slept through the whole thing), but I made the beautiful drive north to Pottsboro, TX.
I SO covet this barn! If I had known then what I know now, I'd have built less house and some sort of barn instead. Who needs a guest room anyway? Doubt I could have afforded a setup this nice. No pix of the interior. I forgot my camera when we did the tour, and snapped these as I left. Love the pristine tack room and the feeding doors on the stalls that pivot outward. It even has an indoor wash bay.
Three of Nita's horses are there. From left: Diesel (nee Stevie, OTTB), Ishka (Red roan Appy, Nita's replacement for her aging mare), and Amber (Champagne QH), who was here last summer.

Other friends and family were in attendance at the small gathering, including 4 older children. The youngest, a boy of about 10, hung out with us horse crazies, hanging on every word, asking questions. Super nice kid.

The two older girls and the boyfriend of the oldest girl kept to themselves. We walked the horses over to the fence, thinking perhaps they might have been intimidated. As a group, the three hastily backed away from the fence. We asked if they wanted to give the horses a cookie. The younger of the two girls — you know the type: too much makeup (including glitter lip gloss), overdressed, crudely streaked highlights — sneered, "Eww, I don't want to smell like a f**king horse." First of all, little girl, you are way too young to have a mouth on you like that. I suppressed the urge to swing around and backhand her. Not my kid, after all. Instead, not missing a beat, I said, "That's the best smell in the world. I've waited my whole life for this." Nita and Heather agreed. The girl sneered again, "Eww. It is NOT. It's disgusting."
She acted the same way around Nita's Rotties.

The love and appreciation of species other than your own is either a part of your soul or it isn't. I saw this quote over at (Not Quite) Home on the Range, which I think says it best: "Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened." Your soul is asleep, you silly, vain, vapid child. I predict pregnancy by the time you're 16.


Jeni said...

I woulda smacked her with a mouth like that OMG !!!

That place is beautiful absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said...

Woo, that kid would be mucking stalls for a month for that one.

Pony Girl said...

Ha ha, cute post. I totally agree. I think I'm showing my age because I look at some kids nowadays and often see them as punks. They are often disrespectful, ungrateful, and have no work ethic. It's different from when I was a kid! Now to anyone who has good kids out there, I am generalizing, they aren't all bad!
But yes, animals- I feel sorry for those who don't have pets or never did growing up or don't care to. I guess they don't know what they're missing? Animals are such a huge part of my soul.
Love the little barn, can we airlift it to Paint Girl's place? :)

AareneX said...

I'm not sure that kids in general have changed so much...a lot of people my age were slackers/no work ethic as teenagers. As adults, they are (no surprise) unimaginative people who spend hours with the television every night. I find these people as boring now as I did when we were all 16 years old.

OTOH, there are now, as always, hard-working teens who are horse-crazy, and THOSE kids can and do work hard. Sometimes it's difficult to find these kids, but you won't be sorry when you locate some. They will seem like family.

The foul-mouthed one? I dunno...maybe her mom likes her. She wouldn't last 10 minutes on my farm!

Anonymous said...

how do u do?................................................................

Unknown said...

Nice. Have to say I am right there with you. 16 or younger.

Love the barn. Probably would've found a way to "accidentally" get horse shit on the kid.

Desert Rose said...

Kids that are taught repsect...would NEVER do that!

cdncowgirl said...

Grrr... the foul mouth that seems to be just accepted as the norm. Big pet peeve of mine.
Once heard a 5 year old tell his mom off with the Fbomb, he used it accurately AND with the 'correct' tone to his voice. I thought to myself "THAT would be the day I would let my child talk to me like that without reprisal!" (of course I still do not have children lol)

btw glad you like that quote :) Can't recall where I found it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Kids use the F word these days as a part of their every day language. So much so that it doesn't hold the same shock value as it does for those of us who would have never used that word as children or young adults. It's just normal for these kids. And they don't even realize that it is a disgusting shocking word to older generations. And that's just terrible, imo.

As a homeschooling family, when we drive into Albuquerque during the same time public schools let-out, my kids often comment that the kids look angry and are dressed in such dark clothes. They are wise to notice that the kids are just putting on a tough guy survivial act, because that is what is needed to survive in this day and age in the institutional education environment.

Personally, in regards to this young lady's disdain for animals, I don't trust anyone who doesn't enjoy animals and want to be near them.

I feel sorry for the children she births someday, because she will poison their innocent little minds.


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