Monday, April 26, 2010

Walkabout With Heather

Heather aboard our sweet Jazu.

The photo she took of me is my profile photo du jour.

The end — the honey hole.
We probably stood there and let
them graze for 20-30 minutes.
It was such a beautiful day.

Look at his cheeks bulging out!
They couldn't shovel it in fast enough.

Poco was in hog heaven.

BTW, he was PERFECT again today.

Will flex for a cookie,
even with a mouth already stuffed full of grass.

Aunt Leah will be hosting Streaker (O Stop Looking) when he's weaned in September. I have a feeling about him. He's so outgoing and friendly. Never met a stranger. He is naturally curious, not timid, fearful or spooky. To me, that's a candidate for a future trail horse. I look forward to having him around, working with him, and watching the Boyz show him how to be a proper goobery gelding.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like a fun time. Though I must admit it has been many many many years since I have seen grass that tall, that green and that lush. Wow! That's like Godiva for horses!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

What a great day!! I'm betting they were totally loving that tall grass! LOVE the pictures! I can't believe how the grass swallows you and Poco!!

jane augenstein said...

WOW! Leah, that's some TALL grass! I'll bet you had a hard time getting the horses out of there. Bet they were unhappy to leave, great pictures.
It's been raining here off and on so our grass should be growing. It's been pretty dry so no lush green here.
What fun it looks like you two are having! I got to ride a little last week, Gilly was a good boy too...I was glad! :-D
Jane and Gil

Dreaming said...

I am in awe of your lush, green grass. Ours is mostly under our spring snow...but that moisture will help it grow, but I doubt it will ever look like yours! My boys want you to send some their way!

AareneX said...

Looking great! It looks like you were having fun, too!

aurora said...

Glad you had a great ride! Amazing lush grass, no wonder their mouths were full. They'll be willing to relive that ride anytime.

How fun that you get to host Streaker! Can't wait to read/see more about that cute lil guy.

C-ingspots said...

Looks like a nice, relaxing ride - and a delightful meal for the horses. Wow, it was to Poco's belly! I'm guessing they were happy, happy horses...content to stand and relax as long as you wished. :)

Leah, I just read your previous post and wanted to comment that many of us have similar thoughts and feelings about blogging. But, I just want to say that if you go away and decide to not write posts anymore...I would miss you. I would miss your wit and your adventures with your two horses. You've made me laugh on many occasions, and God knows we all need that from time to time. However, I totally agree with loving the quiet and boring times too. I cherish those. And, don't kid have more to teach than you probably realize.

SHP said...

I have to admit that my hiney is a tad bit sore today! We have to do that again, and next time I will bring my own saddle =)

It was wonderful to leave my arena, and sit a horse that showed ME what I needed to learn. From horse eating porta potties to every potential dog spot on the ride, and not a spook or a need for me to "work" in the saddle. I was just able to get back to the pure fun of being with a horse (ok, and it's a horse that I've known almost all his life, which is an extra bonus).

Glad to see you're excited about weaning Streaker for me too! I have an extra soft spot for that little guy.

Also, I too vote that you keep blogging. You said yourself the reason why. You wrote, "Most of you have forgotten more than I'll ever know about horses"... so why not make sure that you don't forget what you've learned by entrusting it to the internet gods? I don't often comment, but I do try to read, and your accurate and entertaining depictions of the trials and tribulations of horse ownership often makes me remember why I do the silly and often painful things (like my saddle sores) I do every day. =)

cdncowgirl said...

Maybe Poco has finally grown up mentally?? lol

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