Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yet Another Jaz Update

Jeez, I seem to have a lot of posts with that same general title. I think this horse is out to bankrupt me a few hundred bucks at a time.

Mr. Fry took Jaz to the vet on Monday. I spoke briefly with Dr. G and he said he was going to be ready for anything so as not to have to put Jaz under twice. Kudos to non-horsey Mr. Fry for getting Jaz in the trailer by himself.

The appointment was set for 11 a.m. They arrived to find they had been bumped indefinitely by a mare that had foaled at midnight and was in distress. We didn't find out until the following day, but she didn't make it. Say a little prayer for the foal. Rough start.

Mr. Fry left him there and went about his business. Hours later, he stopped back at Casa Fry and called me as he was pulling up to the gate. I could hear Wienie Boy carrying on in the background, calling for his buddy. Mike said he was looking down the road, as if he thought Jaz and I had gone for a ride.

This day had more stories attached to it featuring miscommunication, arguments, pissiness, but I'll spare you those. The good news is: They found nothing other than Jaz needed his teeth floated. He was home and looking for chow by the time I got home from work. I've been watching him, trying to ascertain that the float did in fact fix the issue. I haven't seen any of the slobbering, and he is not reluctant to chew. He wasn't touching the round bale prior to the float, but neither of them are now anyway, opting instead for the fresh new grass shoots. I'll continue to watch him. I would not put it past the Million Dollar Pony to be harboring a secret abscess or something — you know, a tooth growing in his eye socket or some other rare, bizarre condition that will end up costing hundreds of dollars.

The reason this update is so long in coming is —another long story abbreviated — when Mr. Fry picked him up, he did just that. He didn't talk to the vet or pick up the discharge papers. It was the end of the next day until I even knew what they had done to him or what it cost.

Anyway, I hope Jaz is feeling good enough for an Easter Sunday morning 'Sermon on the Mount'.


Anonymous said...

Glad Jaz made it there and back again and seems to be doing better!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is good news, nice a float was all that was needed.

Esther Garvi said...

Looking forward to the day when Jaz is fully fixed again!! It's been one long journey for you guys now...

Unknown said...

Sermon on the mount. LOL (I know it's an old joke, but it gets me every time)

Glad he's floated. My mom did the same thing as Mr. Fry. Picked up our dog after a day at the vet/groomers and just took off. Dog and Dash, we call her now.

the7msn said...

Sermons on the mount are why we have these million-dollar ponies in our lives ... worth every penny.

aurora said...

Hoping the float, is the fix - sure sounds like it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ranchman John is the same way. "Just fix forget about it"

He doesn't need to know or understand the details and he doesn't bother with telling me any either. If it's fixed, then why talk about it, is his philosophy.

I want to know it all, because I want to understand in case I or someone else oes through the same thing. Knowledge is power...and it's all very interesting, too.
Plus if you change vets it's also a good idea tobe able to explain the medical history of your animals.

Men! gah!

I'm glad Jaz is feeling better and I hope nothing else happens that requires visits to the vet now.


Desert Rose said...

Ya...I have a non horsey hubby too! The cleaners told himthat the blankets I had taken in to see if they could be fixed were goning to cost $80 each to fix...he told then to go ahead and fix them...then told me about it a few days after. Horse shit...they only cost $40 each to begin with!!! Hope you don't get that knid of surprise!!!

Pony Girl said...

Oh dear, cute story about Mr. Fry! I am glad Jaz was able to get his teeth problems fixed....but had to chuckle aloud at your comment about the tooth growing out of the eye socket! :) Sometimes I feel like I have a million dollar pony too, with all the trouble he gets manages to get himself into!
Happy Easter to you and yours!

Anna Larson said...

I got a mare to match your Jaz. We call her Danger Prone Daphne, or The Money Pit. She's just done recovering from her latest issue

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh jeepers!! What a mess! That poor foal! I will definitely pray for her! I am so glad he's doing better!! Can I quietly say UGHH Men!! *GIGGLES* Gotta love em!

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