Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, I'm headed to work at the crack of freakin' dawn, wearing a dress and fussy little shoes. I see this guy marching up the road toward me. As I pass him, I think that he looks agitated or nervous, and I muse momentarily that he might be mentally unbalanced. I take a wide berth, since the easement is narrow there.

As I come up over the first ridge, I see about 5 cars all wee-waw on the road and on the easement, and 3 horses on the wrong side of a fence. Uh-oh! An older gentlemen is standing as far away from one of the horses as he can and still touch it with just his fingertips, patting it tentatively on the butt. Nice horsey.

I stop and ask if I can help. He says they belong to Marching Man who has reversed direction and is now headed down the road towards us. The guy's still a fair distance away, so I walk over to the closest pony, a nice looking palomino, and I start petting him and talking to him. The other 2 are bays and they are eating the tall grass with a fury. I'm talking to them, petting them, and Marching Man finally makes it to where we are. I ask if I can help. The guy is obviously keyed up, possibly in a hurry. He says if he can get the horses away from all these cars, they'll calm down and come with him.

I'm thinking, dude, they aren't the ones that need to calm down. They are perfectly calm and munching happily.

A car pulls up, Marching Man opens a back door, pulls out a halter and lead rope, and marches toward the horses. The ringleader, one of the bays, does a little play buck in MM's direction and off they all trot. I so want to tell Marching Man to relax, take the halter and lead rope from him and just get the job done, because this guy's energy is all wrong. But I don't know him and I'm sort of handicapped by the way I'm dressed anyway, so I just settle back for the show.

The previous scene repeats itself 2 more times until it finally dawns on me to pull out my camera. Excuse the quality, because I'm driving even as the horses are moving.

We don't need no stinkin' lead ropes!

The eternal smorgasbord.

Marching Man runs off the palomino.

And off they gallop into the sunrise!

If Marching Man didn't seriously change his energy
and lose whatever crazy agenda he had,
they're probably in Texarkana by now.


Jeni said...

Ok one should not laugh... but that is kinda funny!

AareneX said...

I've caught loose horses before--14 of them at one time, once. I just thought "BOSSY", and pointed my attention where I wanted them to go. They went.

It helps that I was partly raised by herding dogs, maybe?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm just gald that the drivers were not in such a hurry that the horses didn't get hit. whew!

And by the way, what the heck does it mean when 5 cars all wee-wawed? lol!
Never heard that term before....but I kinda like it! lol!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How about that 'gald'? Do you feel gald?

GLAD I can spell...sometimes! lol!


Leah Fry said...

Wee-waw is a term my MIL invented, and now we all use it to describe anything that's askew, out of line, or not doing what it's supposed to do. For example, if your tack (or you) are off to one side, it or you are wee-waw (or wee-wawed). Great word, eh?

Unknown said...

As a woman who has had a horse escape, I definitely know the value of a calm demeanor and assured attitude when rounding up convicts... er, loose horses...

morningbrayfarm said...

Beautifully written. I love this post, Leah!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I can totally relate to Marching Man, although we all know that demeanor NEVER works-LOL.

The other day, Frosty untied himself after his bath and was wandering around eating weeds. No problem really. I knew he wasn't going anywhere.

No problem until I walked up to catch him...And then it became a game of ring around the pens.

I was SOOOOOOO...mad!

Finally had to jump on Moon and use him to herd the big yellow dink into a corner, so I could grab his leadrope.

It's one of those things that can just about send you over the edge. Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

That was an interesting start for your day. I just know you looked great, while you were observing the loose horses. Have a great day. Fl Fan

Dreaming said...

I came across a foal on the side of the road at 9 at was very dark! I jumped out and my friend went to look for the owner. While she was away, momma came out of the weeds to see what I was doing with HER baby. She was a Clydesdale. I was in sandals. I kept my toes as far away from her as possible. It turns out that mom and baby had been restricted in a pasture so she'd get hungry and be willing to load into a trailer the next day....she took things into her own hooves and broke down the gate to get to food!

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