Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jaz's Latest Owwy

When it comes to our Delicate Grey Flower, if it's not one thing, it's another. Here's the latest. The first 2 pix were taken last week. The third was taken today after a bath and some Swat.

Love his summer freckles.

We had monsoon rains on Friday, so the arena at Iron Ridge was still too soupy to ride. It was hot and muggy. After roaching Jaz's mane, it was obvious his allergies are giving him hell, so he got a tea tree oil shampoo, Vetericyn on that owwy, and Swat on the wound, and his mane and tail. 

Daltrey, now close to 15 months old, is still getting short bursts of patience exercises, since that's about all his attention span can handle. I hosed him down, including his wound (still open, but clean), washed his face, and brushed his super thick mane and tail, which threaten to form dreadlocks. I did a few minutes work on lead with him, walking, reinforcing moving away from pressure, etc.

Not much else going on, so the Boyz mowed the yard as we sat around telling lies.

Poco is completely over the top. He is unapproachable, surrounding himself with the craziest mares in the herd. I know when they get around to it, Heather and Jason will make it happen, but, uhhh, good luck with that.

My Mom and her beau are visiting this coming week, so I'm a little sorry the Boyz aren't home, but the rain is helping the stressed condition of the land. Another excuse to visit my barn buddies. I can't imagine my mother getting on a horse, but I know her friend grew up around them, so he may ride.

I have off from this coming Wednesday to the following Wednesday. Woohoo! 

What's going on with you?


Dreaming said...

Ouch... I'm hoping it looks worse than it really is.
Don't you just love turning the guys loose in the yard and watching them enjoy the grass? I need to have someone else with me as my fellas often decide to take a hike!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Ouch Barked himself nicely didn't he! Oh well seems like they could hurt themselves on air some days .Enjoy the visit with your mom and friends!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Yikes! That's a good sized patch of hide Jaz scraped off. Do you know how he did that? I like Swat. I hope it is helping Jaz.

Unknown said...

eeek! I found all kinds of skinned spots on Smokey this week, but nothing with that spread.

Durn flies.

Hopeful said...

poor jazz!! looks bad but is healing nicely. here's to some dry weather for you and good riding!! enjoy your family.

Leah Fry said...

There's not telling how he may have done it. At first I thought he prolly tried itching himself on a low treee limb and got carried away, but Heather said she also saw him provoking Nakai (mustang) over the fence. Jaz is a passive/aggressive instigator. Might be teeth that scraped it.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh OUCH! That hurts just looking at it. Poor Jazz.

Poco sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. Glad he's not your worry anymore.

Hope you have a great visit and enjoy your time off.

Here it's raining again and between rain squalls, I'm picking rocks. Exciting stuff! LOL

Jeni said...

Well geeze Jaz !! Sure looks like a "bit and run" to me =)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Jazu. How's he doing now?


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