Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break for the Boyz

Time again for the Boyz' annual visit to Iron Ridge while our land breathes for a month or two. I couldn't have chosen a better time.

If you have been following the weather here, it is unseasonably cold, and we've received some much needed rain for several days. If they were here, they'd be slogging in sandy mud, tearing up what little grass we have, but we timed the exodus perfectly. Rather than tearing up our scrubby little few acres, they're running in the big pasture at the farm.

Not to mention that the Cafeteria Lady would have to be out there in all this goop.

Heather put Jaz and Daltrey in a long pen so they could make friends over the fence, then we turned them loose into the main herd. Jaz did his job and put himself between Daltrey and those who would push him around. Daltrey did his part by sticking closer than usual to Jaz. Amber, the meek little champagne filly that spent some time here with us, decided Daltrey was the perfect target to boss around. It appears Jaz made a pact with her, and now she's hanging out with them and not bothering Baby D.

They will be brought up for feed so Jaz can get his Tri-Hist, prescribed because he is/was coughing, and is his normal itchy self this time of year. Daltrey's wound still needs tending, and I also want him to be handled every day. I'm proud of what he knows and how mannerly he is, and I don't want to lose it. So Nita will be working with him for a few minutes each day — that's all it takes, and about all he has the attention span for.

I took my tack with me in case there was an opportunity to ride, but there was way too much going on.
O (Sugarbush Harley's Classic O — Daltrey's sire) is back to cover 7 mares for 2012 Stonewall and Sugarbush foals. Kris helped wrangle draft mares. I was lazy and handled the gate. We put 4 mares in with O: Clydesdales Hex (Scorch and Rico's dam) and her full sister Jinx (Diva's dam), Belgian Nazar (Olivia's dam), and Appaloosa Dove (Tori's dam). In addition, O's full sister Balou is also there to be bred to Q (JKS Regal Quagga — Daltrey's grandsire).

Kris treated, and we all sat back for pizza and pony porn. Although she was standing, O wanted nothing to to with Dove, so Heather thinks we missed her heat. I'll be anxious to see who gets to take her spot. My vote is to let Daltrey's dam, Arden, have another shot with O. The odds are astronomical against another Daltrey color-wise, but the conformation and temperament should be there regardless.

Back home, I miss being able to look out my window and see ponies, but I'm looking forward to weeding and seeding this place. I hope to bring J&D back to a much improved pasture situation. We also have some fencing that needs repair. Joy.

What's new in your neck of the woods?


Unknown said...

It has to be tough to send the kids off to camp! Glad Jaz is keeping D safe.

Paint Girl said...

It is tough not having the ponies at home, but at least you will get your pasture seeded! Sounds like they are having a good time in their new digs.
Glad you are getting some rain, I wish I could send you some of mine though! It's still raining and some days I feel like it will never stop.....

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Sad toi see them go , but it is great experience for Daltrey to be in a bigger herd situation as well

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Pizza and Pony Porn...Now, doesn't that sound exciting?!



Laura said...

It's great that you can take the boys over to Iron Ridge for a couple of months - good for your land and probably good for the boys to be out in bigger groups once in a while!

Not much new in my neck of the woods - been doing lots of riding on the roads with Rusty - covered almost 10 miles on Saturday!

Dreaming said...

Sounds like you have a ton of work to do while the 'kids' are away. Isn't that how it always works out? I can remember sending my boys to camp and going on a cleaning rampage in their rooms. Hmmm... seems to be about the same story with you, only the kids are furry!
We were just talking about when we are going to move our boys to their new home... we have some work to do at their new barn, first... but we could have them up there within a few weeks - that'll be exciting!

Esther Garvi said...

Wow, what a busy place! Time must have flown!

Over at our place, the only thing that was different was that I had time to enjoy! Went out with a brush in my hand and groomed all those cuddly horses. Everyone except our colt Zidane wanted to be brushed over and over again. Isolde in particular thought I had missed MANY spots!

Speaking of porn, we got tired of having our big buck next to rape our poor does at every hour of the day, so we sent him out with the nomad's herd, where he is now very happily "serving" some twenty goat ladies, whom he stole from the present buck, seeing he is much bigger than everybody else. That was one happy animal! We'll have him back for the weekends, but my - goat bucks are hard to satisfy! How did O fare with the pony girls?

Leah Fry said...

O has been doing his duty 24 hours a day since they started bringing mares in. They said he's much calmer now and pacing himself LOL.

Crystal said...

Nice for the pasture to get a break and a chance to grow. I send some of my ponies away in the winter so I can ride them indoors, sure different everywhere isnt it?

aurora said...

It's great they can experience other safe places & horses, they'll be all the better for it!

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